Organize to empower workers and oppressed people to demand jobs, education & healthcare while fighting against racist police terror, sexism, LGBTQ and ableist oppression. Contact any of the groups mentioned from the right side-bar.


by on June 19, 2018

-NYC: July PPA Disability Pride Contingent; Sandra Bland action / Balt: Commemorate Charlottesville & Unite to Fight White SupremacyPhila: Police Abolition Workshop; Move-9 40 year commemoration  / Detroit: Protest Criminal Separation of Families; Stop the Water Shut-Offs!  /  Southern Fightback: NoCar Needs Unions + Town Hall Report Back/ Roanoke: Jail Solidarity Meeting / NYC-LWC: Laundromat Report Launch /

June is Pride Month
Join an action near You!

July 13, 2018: Justice for Sandra Bland & all Black Women. FB event.


May 19, 2018

by on May 18, 2018

**Balt PPA: Honor Malcolm X’s Birthday & More /  Detroit: Solidarity Saturdays: Fight the water shutoffs / Phila: Tribute to Winnie Madikizla-Mandela / NYC: Peoples MTA / NYC: Justice for Sandra Bland & all Black Women / May Day around the world / May Day across the country / Disability Pride: Phila; NYC /  Roanoke: Rally to Protect Jobs / Utah: Don’t fund killer cops

Solidarity with education workers everywhere! 

Education workers in North Carolina



by on April 23, 2018

***FLASH: NYC May 8: Support occupation of New School Cafeteria: FB Info , How to help,  PPA FB / NYC May 10: Accessible Subways Now! / PLAN NOW: July 13: Justice for Sandra Bland & All Black Women! / Impressive listing  of May Day across the USA!!!

***Phila: **Pack the Court for Mumia / NYC: Decolonize Columbia University Tour /  Balt: Commemorate the Catonsville 9! Say NO to Racism and War! / NYC: People’s MTA: Full accessibility now! / MichiganPeoplesDefenseNetwork: Protest Trump: No Hate In Our State / Brooklyn: Decolonize The Hood / Roanoke PPN: Jail Solidarity Meeting / Brooklyn: Rezoning and Gentrification: a BAN Educational ForumSolidarity with educators & all those on strike!

May Day 2018

Find a listing: NYC/ Baltimore/ Boston area/ Buffalo/ Chicago/ Detroit/ Durham, NC/ Los Angeles/ Oakland/ Oskosh, WI/ Madison/ Milwaukee-Waukesha/ Minneapolis/ Philadelphia/ Portland, OR/ Raleigh, NC/ Roanoke/ Salt Lake City/ San Diego/ Seattle/  Washington,DC/   Add yours:  


April 2018

by on April 3, 2018

**FLASH: NYC emergency action for Justice for #SaheedVassell  / **Pack the Court for Mumia / Baltimore: Commemorate Dr King / NYC Rally for Stephon Clark: BuzzFeed  / Report back from Detroit Conference Against AusterityVictory in Durham: Update, donate, future plans  / Solidarity with Oklahoma, Arizona, & Kentucky School Workers (postersInfo) / Utah PPA supports Rally Against Police Brutality /  PLAN NOW for May Day 2018!

**On 50th Anniversary of King Assassination April 4

Justice for Stephon Clark
National Days of Action.

Facebook for Sacramento. Mar 28 Actions

**April 14-15, 2018
Stop the wars at Home & Abroad

List of Actions




by on February 7, 2018

– International Mar 24-27 & Apr 30 Offensive to Free Mumia /  NYC Mar 10: International Working Womens Day 2018  /  Roanoke: Black History Month DO IT LIKE DURHAM (plus other) / NYC Mar 5: Make the MTA accessible to all / LA: Black History Commemoration /  Solidarity with W Va workers / Balt Mar 10: IWD with Takiyah Thompson /  

**Flash: Feb 19, 2018: Incredible Peoples’ Victory in Durham over white supremacy

Plus: Your input to Replace the Statue; Commission of Inquiry; support the Toppling Racism Tour Fund

**Detroit March 24
National Conference to Organize a Fightback to Defeat Austerity. FB 


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