Defend the Black Lives Matter Movement

by on July 13, 2016

**July – Aug, 2016: Actions nationwide – check FergusonResponse for one in your area.


***Statement issued by the People’s Power Assemblies of NYC on Dallas and the future of our movement, reaffirmed after Baton Rouge. 


Background articles:

-After Dallas: DEFEND BLACK LIVES MATTER: End the police war on Black & Brown people

ROUND-UP: ‘No more racist police killings!’: Agonized, militant protests coast to coast

ANALYSIS: The intersection between sports and fighting police violence


**Thurs, July 14, 2016:  NYC Defend BLMFB Event

This is a crucial time for progressive activists standing for unity and for white workers opposing racism to step forward to confront racist Giuliani and come to the defense of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Rudoph Giuliani’s pro-killer-cop rant on Sunday on CBS Face the Nation viciously attacked the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Let’s Meet
5pm THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 at the CLOCK in center of Grand Central Station.
– AT 5:30 PM we will be at 200 Park Ave — outside Giuliani’s office — between 44th St and 45th St, on the west side of the Met Life Building.

Giuliani is a LONG-time racist. While campaigning against African American mayor David Dinkins in 1992, Giuliani led a racist mob of beer-drinking cops who surrounded City Hall and hurled racial slurs and debris at the building.

As mayor of NYC (1994-2001) Giuliani introduced “broken-window” policing; backed up cops to the hilt in all cases of racism and police brutality; and insulted the Black and Brown communities. It was no surprise he was an early backer of billionaire Donald Trump. He attacked unions, laying off thousands of city workers, and slashed social programs.

Guiliani now defends big business with the Greenberg Traurig Law Firm, located at 200 Park Ave at 44 St, in the Met Life Building – part of the Grand Central Station Complex.

Confront racism! Confront Giuliani!

Bring signs — i.e.,
We Defend Black Lives Matter
Guiliani is a Racist Liar
We won’t let racism divide us


***July 2016: After outrageous murders: SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN: Stop killing Black people! Find an action in your area from FergusonResponseNetwork.
<<<Click Here for placard on left plus 4 others.


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