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-See,  &/or FaceBook for most updated info. Also See YouTube Update from May 2015 (please share this video). Also
Background And what you can do: “Who Is Mumia

“Brick by brick, Wall by wall, We’re going to free Mumia Abu-Jamal”

He has been experiencing trouble breathing, shortness in breath and a weight in his chest.
1. TODAY (2/27) Pam Africa will also stream at 12 on facebook
2. Continuously call and urge others to call the following numbers and demand Mumia’s immediate hospitalization and release: Mumia’s Inmate ID is: AM8335
PA DA Larry Krasner: 267-456-1000
PA DOC Secretary John Wetzel: 717-728-2573
SCI Mahanoy: 570-773-2158
SCI Mahanoy Supt Bernadette Mason: 570-773-2058

***Nov 16, 2020: Press Conference: Freedom & Abolition: Critical Moment in Fight to Free Mumia. FB Event.

Mumia: ‘A people’s project‘:

“From the confines of a prison, journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal sent four students from the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities a personal message during the first week of their research fellowship.”

July 4, 2020 Protest Police Terror. FB Event. If the police can’t kill you, they lock you up forever. On a day that’s supposed to mean freedom, Protest the unjust 38 years of imprisonment of Mumia Abu-Jamal. 

June 28, 2020: Rally for political prisoners: FREE THEM ALL! FB Event.

In celebration of Mumia’s 66th birthday on April 24, please participate in these exciting virtual events from April 23-26, 2020.

Starting April 15, 2020

International Twitter/Media Storm &

Phone Zap

Get all the details 

***Major breakthrough in Mumia Case!

Dec 7, 2019: Youth Rise Up Against US Empire-Mumia Will Be Free! FB Event.

-This event marks Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 38th year of imprisonment! Come hear a report on all the new developments in his legal case. We will also discuss (and have available) his trilogy books on U.S. imperialism. Speakers and videos will express solidarity with mass protests all over the globe, as they call out U.S. capitalism and its policies that only benefit the rich.

Oct 4, 2019: SHIT AINT NEW-Years of Cop Corruption. Mobe4Mumia FB Event.

***Eyesight victory: August 30, 2019: After a months-long campaign, and thousands of signed petitions, a protest at the DOC HQ, and many phone calls from around the world, Mumia Abu-Jamal was finally given cataract surgery on his left eye, yesterday morning (Thursday Aug 29) at his outside-prison eye-care physician’s office. At the day-after checkup, his eye doctor said everything turned out well. Mumia marvels at the clarity that is evident already. He should be getting a second cataract surgery, on his right eye, in about a month. (from FB
The power of the people is as clearly evident as Mumia’s eyesight is now. Keep up the pressure! Free Mumia!!
July 2019: Prison officials turn away thousands of petitions for Mumia

Dozens of community activists traveled hundreds of miles from four states to Mechanicsburg, Penn., on July 24 to deliver petitions signed by 3,000 people from around the world, simply requesting the right to proper vision care for political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal….

See  complete Article


July 24, 2019: Caravan to PA Dept of Corrections to Deliver Mumia Petitions. FB Event.

**FLASH: April 25, 2019

Press conference celebrates

new legal opportunities for Mumia.

Read more.

April 27, 2019 March for Mumia  / FB Event

As of Feb, March, April 2019

 Crucial Ruling for Mumia

Take Action Now  // Twitter Storm

Phila Protest FB Event //Sign the Petition

DA Krasner, don’t stand in the way of Justice for Mumia

Pack the Courtroom; Fill the Streets! Oct 29, 2018 / FB Event / Sign the petition
Join with us to help raise funds for Ramona’s healthcare!
FB Event (with more details)
TO DONATE:  mail funds to Ramona Africa, 4504 Kingessing Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

All Out for Mumia 

Aug 30, 2018FB Event

New evidence proves former DA Ronald Castile who prosecuted Mumia’s appeals, violated due process when, as PA Supreme Court justice, he took part in deciding against Mumia’s appeals. By new law Mumia should be granted the right to bring new appeal challenges to his conviction

Support the National Prisoners Strike

August 21 + + +

Background / Endorsers / Demands+Listing / Actions

 / Oakland FB Event


***Key Court Date April 30, 2018 /

Pack the Court for Mumia!  FaceBk

In a court case that could eventually lead to Mumia Abu-Jamal’s freedom, Judge Leon Tucker has ordered the District Attorney’s office to present new testimony in reference to Ronald Castille. Let the Judge and DA know you care by packing the court hearing on Monday, April 30 for the former Philadelphia Black Panther Party activist.

Castille is a former PA Supreme Court judge who refused to disqualify himself when Mumia’s case came before the court despite having been the Philadelphia District Attorney during Mumia’s prior appeals. The US Supreme Court has ruled such conduct unconstitutional.

The people’s movement forced the courts to take Abu-Jamal off death row in 2011 but his freedom was not won. Despite his innocence he was re-sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. As an innocent man, Mumia must be freed! It is even more urgent that he gain his freedom because he is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, severe itching and other ailments.

What you can do:

-Sign the petition at

-Call DA Larry Krasner at (215)686-8000.
….Tell him to release all DA & police files on Mumia to the public.
….Tell the DA to release Mumia because he’s factually innocent.

– Organize an event for Mumia

– Pack the court on 4/30.

International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, International Action Center, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal (NYC), Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, Educators for Mumia; Food Not Bombs Solidarity

215-724-1618; Facebook/Mobilization4Mumia ;

International Days
to Free Mumia
Mar 24-27, Apr 30 2018.
Get details.

<<See poster for What You Can Do, Trans from NYC


**Jan 17, 2018: Pack the Courthouse for Mumia. FB Event.

In a court case that could eventually lead to Mumia’s freedom, Judge Leon Tucker has ordered the District Attorney’s office to present new testimony in reference to Ronald Castille. 
Castille was a Philadelphia DA. Later as a PA Supreme Court judge, he refused to disqualify himself when Mumia’s case came before the court despite having been the DA during Mumia’s prior appeals. The US Supreme Court has ruled such conduct unconstitutional. The people’s movement forced the courts to take Abu-Jamal off death row in 2011 but his freedom was not won. 

**Sept 21, 2017: Judge backpedals on obtaining evidence which could clear Mumia.

See the Press release.

**Plan now for Dec 8 Teach In & Dec 9 Mass March.

MOBILIZATION4MUMIA@GMAIL.COM / 215-724-1618 / Facebook

**July 2017: Call the DA; Join the March/Rally (FB Event): Scroll down for details

Stop the District Attorney’s Cover-Up!
Stop the Frame-Up of Mumia Abu-Jamal!

On May 30, the Philly DA’s office brushed off a judge’s order to release all records of former DA Ron Castille’s involvement in Mumia’s case.

It follows a landmark Supreme Court decision which ruled judges MUST remove themselves from any case they had a hand in prosecuting. There are 14 prisoners fighting similar appeals. Mumia is one of them.

Ron Castille was Assistant Philly DA during Mumia’s 1982 trial and the city’s DA when his office opposed Abu-Jamal’s appeals in 1988. When Mumia’s case reached the state’s highest court, his lawyers challenged now-Judge Castille to recuse himself but he refused.

Under court order, the Philly DA’s office released a paltry 50 pages of public record. The judge’s latest order gives the DA until July 7th to fully comply.

The people’s movement forced the government to take Mumia off death row. This fight could win his freedom!

-What You Can Do

1) Please call First Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Martin at the DA’s office at 215-686-8000 with this message:

“Hi. My name is __________. I’m calling in regard to Judge Tucker’s ruling about discovery in Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appellate cases. The DA’s office should release all his files, as well as those in the 13 other cases, immediately.”

-3) Join a mass March and Rally on Friday, July 8, 2017: NOON outside the DA’s office (3 South Penn Square), across from City Hall. FB Event.

If the people organize, the current legal struggle could win Mumia his freedom!

-Phila: May 30, 2017: Blow the Lid Off Philly DA Cover Ups – Free Mumia / Press Conference & March / FB Event

-NYC: JUNE 1, 2017

FORUM: Mumia Victories & Historic MOVE Conference

6-9pm / Solidarity Center / FB Event


Be in Phila April 24, 2017

Freedom for our revolutionary fighter

<<Read the Call/leaflet

April 12, 2017: In a major victory not just for Mumia but for the movement that has stood firm & not backed down, the Dept. of Corrections has been ordered to start administering the hep C meds, which it has.

Thanks goes out to all who signed and circulated petitions and attended demonstrations; made phone calls; helped with research; and invited Pam and others to speak in your cities.

The next step is an all out call for April 24th when Mumia’s appeal of his conviction is due to come to court in Philadelphia. 

– – – – –

***URGENT: Take action to stop Appeal of Hep C Ruling:

***FLASH: We did IT! On Jan 3, 2017, Federal Judge Robert Mariani ordered the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to immediately give Mumia Abu-Jamal the life-saving latest direct-acting antiviral medications that have a 95% cure rate!


After a year and a half of determined legal struggle, near death hospitalization, agonizing chronic sickness, and the efforts of thousands of activists, this ruling will impact prisoners throughout Penn.

Winning a preliminary injunction is a tall order and requires proving there will be irreversible harm in delaying the order. This is a tremendous victory. It will pave the way for all incarcerated people who seek hepatitis C treatment. This may be the first case in the country in which a federal court has ordered prison officials to provide an incarcerated patient with the new medical treatment.

Mumia Talk on Prison Radio / Phila Inquirer Article / Media Release


Mumia Abu-Jamal will die without mass pressure for hep C cure

Protest on Dec. 9, 2016 in Philly

More details

<<<Enlarged pdf of flier

FB Event


Survival Crimes: A political Forum & Comic Sketch 
From Mumia to the Bronx 120

Wed OCT 5, 2016 • 7 – 9 pm; National Black Theater
- 2031  Avenue, NYC
Immortal Technique • Paula Clarke • Pam Africa • Bob Boyle • Nyle Fort

**Mumia Abu-Jamal and many thousands of prisoners in Pennsylvania  have Hepatitis C, a potential fatal virus. The state of PA is denying Mumia and 6,000 others access to the available, life-saving Hep-C cure.
**Another fight for survival is occuring in the Bronx, Eastchester neighborhood. In the largest roundup in NYC history. 120 men were snatched from their homes in pre-dawn militaristic operation involving AFT, DEA, HSI, ICE, NYPD and the U.S. Attorney office. This kind of terror is only deployed in poor neighborhoods of color. Come learn about their shocking case.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Sept 25,2016:

Join the Car Caravan

Demand clean water for prisoners


Caravan leaves  6am from Phila, PA
More info: Phil: 215-724-1618 /
NYC: 212-927-2924

PPA HepCFleaflet 7-21-16


July 2016

Raise the issue of

Mumia & HepC

at DNC


<<Get the pdf

***URGENT: June 2016: The Petition Campaign is still on: ***DO NOW: Print, Sign, Distribute: Petition / Post Card  / Sign On-line Petition (send to five others!): *Demand Hep C treatment for Mumia & thousands of PA prisoners


**Don’t miss: June 14, 2016: Report back from US Solidarity delegation to 19th Anniv. Celebration of RUE MUMIA-ABU JAMAL in Saint-Denis, France- 6:30 pm;  Local 1199, 310 W 43rd St.  
-PRECEDED by Solidarity Picket with French strikers, students, union members & undocumented workers: 4-6 pm French Consulate, 934 Fifth Ave, NYC. 


April 30, 2016: Saint-Denis celebrates 10th anniversary of Rue Mumia Abu-Jamal. This is exciting!
Sum-up of Weekend of Resistance April 22 and 23, 2016

– – – – – – – –


Come to Phila April 22-23, 2016

Fri: Take the Petitions to Gov

Fri pm: Strategy meeting

Sat: march through the hood

Sun: Fundraiser for Mumia

FaceBook Event


To Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf petition

Click to Enlarge

***DO NOW: April 2016Print, Sign, Distribute petition (left): Petition / Post Card  / Sign On-line Petition (send to five others!): (For April 22)

**Demand Hep C treatment for Mumia & thousands of PA prisoners

-NYC: April 12, 2016: Meet with Ramona Africa (Surviver of MOVE bombing) and others to plan for April 22-23, 2016 actions in Philadelphia – Click to  enlarge>>
**JAN 25, 2016: 6:30-9PM; RIVERSIDE CHURCH: Report back to NYC & next steps Mumia vs. the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Mumia is fighting not only for himself but for the (under)estimated 7,000 other Pennsylvania prisoners. Come to a report back on the three days in December that shook the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC)’s refusal to provide the appropriate and curative treatment available for Mumia and at least 7,000 other Pennsylvania prisoners infected with the hepatitis-C virus. Those dramatic three days, December 18, 22, and 23, marked a turning point in exposing the DOC’s policy of negligence and malevolence in denying available cures for this deadly disease. A new DOC protocol for treating hep-C patients, something that both activists and legislators had been clamoring for, was secretly issued on November 12, 2015. The DOC attorney was now insisting that Mumia’s attorneys agree not to publicize this document. Mumia’s attorneys refused to agree to this attempt at hiding the horrendous truth in this new document.

Supporters traveled from around the northeast to Scranton, PA, for hearings in federal court that included expert testimony from independent physician Dr. Joseph Harris, who saw Mumia in SCI Mahanoy’s visiting room, and from Mumia himself through videoconferencing. On the third day, DOC medical and legal personnel were caught in a shocking lie when the Chief of Clinical Services, Dr. Paul Noel, was asked if a sworn declaration that bore his signature was accurate. He quickly agreed that the signature was his but immediately added that the text attributed to him was not what he had said. It became clear that the DOC’s attorney, Laura Neal, had illegally altered what Dr. Noel had put in writing. He clarified what she had distorted, and the attorney had to reluctantly acknowledge her falsification.

A hearing that was initially scheduled for one day as a preliminary injunction suit aimed at getting Mumia the urgent medical care he needs for his hepatitis-C infection became a three-day, in-depth examination of the DOC response to its high-profile inmate and his prolonged health crisis.

Speakers: Pam Africa of International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the MOVE Organization; Bob Boyle, Mumia’s attorney around the hepatitis-C crisis; Suzanne Ross of the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC) and International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal; other invited guests

CRITICAL COURT HEARING FOR MUMIA ABU-JAMAL IN SCRANTON, PA (Getting Mumia the New Hepatitis-C Medication) See the Youtube.

We have a rare, one-time  opportunity to get Mumia the medical attention he desperately needs. Please join us in and outside of the court in Scranton, PA on Friday, December 18. A bus and caravans are leaving from New York and Philadelphia. For info/rides click here.

US Federal District Court Judge Robert Mariani will conduct am extensive public hearing on Mumia’s medical crisis and he has asked for a testimony from Mumia. Credit for this victory is due in no small part to the public outcry.

Our attorneys and the attorneys of Department of Corrections will present arguments. Our attorneys will argue that Mumia has the right to immediate life-saving treatment for his chronic and active Hepatitis C. The other side will insist that treatment be withheld until the final stages of the condition. In other words, until it’s too late to save him. A legal victory in Mumia’s case will also be a victory for the other 10,000 PA prisoners afflicted by Hep C who have filed a class action suit.

We want to pack the courtroom to support the demand for Mumia and 10,000 other Pennsylvania prisoners infected with hep-C to get the new drug which has shown a greater than 90% cure rate.
Friday, December 18, at 9:30 am In Scranton
The Willian J. Nealon Federal Building 235 N. Washington Avenue Scranton, PA 18503 USA

– – – – – – – – – –



Click here.

– – – – – –

***Pass a Resolution to Save the Life of Mumia Abu-Jamal from ”Medical Neglect.” See sample from NYC May 1 Coalition. Also NWU (National Writers Union).


***FLASHSept 8-16, 2015: Mumia health update & legal fight. Click here &/or here.


-May 19: Mumia was back in hospital but is out. See most current updates.
– May 17, 2015 –  Calls Again Needed to Save Mumia’s Life!
-Stop the attempted murder of Mumia through medical neglect!
-Keep the pressure on!-  Mumia’s Condition Grave Take Action NOW!

On Friday, April 24, Mumia Abu-Jamal was visited by his spouse, Wadiya Jamal, who reported that his condition has worsened.She saw him again today and he appears even more gravely ill. Everyone is asked to call the prison and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections immediately. If they hang up, call again. Please continue to call on Sunday, Monday and throughout the coming week… (continued here).

For the complete info including call-in numbers & email, please go to


Make calls on Mumia Monday (April 27, 2015) FB Event

-Beginning at 9am: (570) 773-2158 x 8102: Flood The Phone lines of John Kerestes, Superintendent of SCI Mahonoy and demand that Mumia be allowed to see an outside doctor and get the complete adequate medical care he needs immediately.

***For a listing of MumiaMustLive actions around the country see PPA-FB & especially  FergusonResponseNetwork. (There are also actions internationally: a street in Paris is even named after Mumia!) Please also see: “Why Mumia is a hero to young people.”


Sat, April 24, 2015: New York City -Free Mumia Demo. Click image to enlarge for details.








***Key dates/actions. Scroll down for more specifics, videos of actions, demands, background of situation. See also FergusonResponseNetwork.


MONDAY, APRIL 6: National Call-in Day: No medical execution of Mumia! See below for Call-in info. Continue all week.
MONDAY, APRIL 6: A car caravan to PA Dept of Corrections Superintendent John Wetzel at the DOC office: 1920 Technology Parkway, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
TUESDAY, APRIL 7: Press conference in Philadelphia at 11 a.m. outside District Attorney Seth Williams’ office at Juniper Street & South Penn Square (across from City Hall, near Macy’s).
FRIDAY, APRIL 10: Organize a demonstration in your city, on your campus, wherever you can get out word to stop this attempt to murder Mumia. We need to SHUT IT DOWN FOR MUMIA!
Twitter widely using the hashtags #mumiamustlive,  #saveMumia and #Blacklivesmatter.

Stopped from carrying out the death penalty against Mumia Abu-Jamal by a worldwide movement that spanned three decades, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has been attempting over the past three months to execute him by medical neglect.

On March 30, Abu-Jamal was rushed, unconscious, to the Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pa., suffering from diabetic shock, with a dangerously high blood sugar level of 779.   After just two days of treatment in the hospital’s ICU, on April 1, Abu-Jamal was returned to the prison infirmary at SCI Mahanoy in Frackville, Pa., into the hands of the very same doctors whose medical neglect and mistreatment nearly killed him.

Prison officials initially denied visits by family members, supporters and Abu-Jamal’s attorneys and only backed down after receiving thousands of calls. Those able to visit Mumia on April 3 reported he was extremely weak, had lost 80 pounds, and still had elevated blood sugar levels over 300. For lunch that day the prison fed him spaghetti, one of the worst foods to give a diabetic patient.

The murder of aging political prisoners by denying them inadequate health care has happened before. Earlier this year, MOVE 9 member Phil Africa died under suspicious circumstances at SCI Dallas. The lack of standard medical treatment impacts all prisoners, particularly those over 55.

We are demanding that the state of Pennsylvania cease and desist in their attempts to murder political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal:

-Allow daily visits by Mumia’s family, friends and attorneys. Their support and protection at this time of vulnerability should not be restricted.

-Allow Mumia’s choice of specialist doctors to examine and schedule treatment for him — NOW. Neither the prison staff at SCI Mahanoy nor the Schuylkill Medical Center has a diabetes specialist. There is precedent in Pennsylvania for this. Prisoner John E. du Pont, an heir to the du Pont chemical fortune, was allowed care by private doctors during imprisonment. Mumia deserves the same.

-Release Mumia’s medical records to his attorneys.

-Release from prison all the elderly age 55 and over. Mumia will turn 61 on April 24.

-Allow a full investigation of prison health care in Pennsylvania.

-Mumia is innocent and should never have been incarcerated. We demand his immediate release.

We are calling on everyone to participate in the following actions over the next few days:

-Twitter widely using the hashtags #mumiamustlive,  #saveMumia and #Blacklivesmatter.

-Call, fax and email the following state officials to raise the above demands:

– DOC Secretary John Wetzel: 717-728-4109;

– Gov. Tom Wolf: 717-787-2500; fax 717-772-8284;

– Prison Superintendent John Kerestes: 570-773-2158;

-MONDAY, APRIL 6: A car caravan will demand to see Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Superintendent John Wetzel at the DOC office: 1920 Technology Parkway, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 at 11 a.m. Cars leaving Philadelphia will gather at 7 a.m. on JFK Boulevard between 30th and 31st Streets (across from Bolt and Mega buses). If you can offer rides or need a ride, call or text Joe Piette at 610-931-2615 or email

-TUESDAY, APRIL 7: Press conference in Philadelphia at 11 a.m. outside District Attorney Seth Williams’ office at Juniper Street & South Penn Square (across from City Hall, near Macy’s).

-FRIDAY, APRIL 10: Organize a demonstration in your city, on your campus, wherever you can get out word to stop this attempt to murder Mumia. We need to SHUT IT DOWN FOR MUMIA!


-1) Mumia’s family and supporters present demands to the Dept. of Corrections, Mechanicsburg, PA 4/3/2015 Video link by Power to the People Radio Program
-2) April 3 NYC emergency protest: No medical execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal! Video link by Peoples Video Network

– – – – – – – – – –

Column written by Mumia Abu-Jamal 3/5/15

“Ferguson, USA”

With breathless news reports, the U.S. Deptartment of Justice’s Pattern and Practice Study paints a damning picture of a long, cruel and bitter train of maltreatment, mass profiling, police targeting and brutality against Black people in the Missouri town of Ferguson.

What may be even worse, however, is how the town’s police, judges and political leaders conspired to loot the community — by fining them into more poverty, fines which today account for some 25 percent of the county’s budget.

Correctly, cops have been criticized for their juvenile emails and texts of racism and contempt against the local Black community and even Black leaders in Washington, D.C.

There is largely silence, however, over the role of judges, who used their robes to squeeze money from the community, with unfair fines and fees — even using their jails as an illegal kind of debtor’s prison.

In 1869, during the reign of England’s Queen Victoria, a statute known as the Debtors Act was passed, which forever abolished imprisonment as punishment for debt.

In today’s Missouri, it’s still used to punish and exploit the poor. But, truth be told, it ain’t just Missouri.

Famed Rolling Stone writer, Matt Taibbi, in his 2014 book, The Divide, tells a similar tale, but from points all across America — Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy, Gainesville, Georgia, Los Angeles, San Diego and beyond — [where] poor people are being squeezed and squeezed by cops, by judges, by local governments — to part with their last dime — to support a system corrupt to the core.

Taibbi’s full title might give us some insight: The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.

It’s the system — one of exploitation or predation, ultimately of capitalism.

© ‘15maj

Free Mumia! Save the life of Mumia! Act NOW!


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