National Stolen Lives: Speak Their Names; Show Their Faces


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A. National Women Stolen Lives

Three-part Power Point Presentation prepared for International Women’s Day (IWD)

(1) Up through 2013; (2) 2014; (3) 2015 (through March)


B. Stolen Lives (male & female)

(4) 2014a: Jan to Aug 24; (5) 2014b: Aug 25 to Dec 31;

(6) 2015a (to 4/30/15): Powerpoint or Video


C. The Names & Info (for 2015 through April):

PDF list of names with age, location, date & sex/race. An Excel file can be sorted plus has “source information” (well worth reading some of the stories!).


(Note on using slides: When open, see bottom left for guiding buttons. The “square” has way to “End Show.” “Go to slide” gives a list of all persons. Please share widely. Use contact below to get the original ppt, which has additional information & “story-links” for each person. For some browsers, you may have to open Power Point from “Downloads” or save & then download.)


Committee Against Police Brutality-San Diego

To add names &/or inquire, contact: BE SURE TO PUT “STOLEN LIVES” IN SUBJECT LINE.

CAPB-San Diego Facebook