People’s Power Assemblies (PPA) organizes to empower workers and oppressed people to demand jobs, education & healthcare while fighting against racist police terror, sexism, LGBTQ and ableist oppression.


by on July 15, 2020

***KEY: Defend Portland! Defend People’s Resistance! / STRIKE FOR BLACK LIVES / SWA Statement: From George Floyd to COVID-19, Two Pandemics Target Black Workers /  Webinar: Why We Must Abolish the Police / LWC: 100 Días Sin Alivio: Foro Comunitario: Community Forum / Phila: Action to Cease the Criminalization of Black Resistance / LWC: Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund / Phila: Protest Police Terror: Tribute to Delbert Africa / Phila: #HousingForAll encampment rally against Philly city threat to evict / LWC: March on Billionaires: Campaign to FundExcludedWorkers! / SWA: University Workers COVID Town Hall: Safe Jobs Save Lives / Buffalo: Know Your Rights-Coronavirus / Save Our Post Office: Vigil;  FB for info & actions; National Call-In Day to Fully Fund the PO 

Justice for Sandra Bland #SAYHERNAME. FB Event

-6th Annual Action in honor of Sandra Bland all Black femmes, girls, trans women, and women murdered by the white supremacist state and its agents.
-At 12pm: virtual event talking about domestic violence and transformative justice.
-At 5:30pm: rally at Union Square (practicing safety.).

Southern Struggles in Transit During Covid-19. FB Event.


mid-June 2020

by on June 10, 2020

Two key dates: Free Mumia & all political prisoners June 28 & July 4 / July 13, 2020: Justice for Sandra Bland #SAYHERNAME / Justice for George Floyd / June 23: See FB Event listing for SAVE OUR POST OFFICE actions around the country /  NYC: Petition: Release All Protesters NOW / Phila: Protest Police Terrorism  /  SWA Statement: From George Floyd to COVID-19, Two Pandemics Target Black Workers /  Webinar: Why We Must Abolish the Police / Solidarity Against Police Terrorism: Free People Now! /  Webinar: Meatpacking Industry & Safe Jobs Save Lives Campaign / Send a message #SaveThePostOffice / LWC: 100 Días Sin Alivio: Foro Comunitario: Community Forum / Queer Liberation March for Black Lives and Against Police Brutality /

To rebel is righteous

Continued Solidarity with worldwide outrage at George Floyd murder

Statement in solidarity with rebellion


June 2020

by on May 30, 2020

To rebel is righteous

Solidarity with worldwide outrage at

George Floyd murder

In NYC 5/30/20: FB Event for 4 places / Queens action


May 2020

by on April 25, 2020

**FLASH: Take actions to Save Our Post Offices: Send a Message; Scroll though Save Our Postal Service ; See Event Solidarity w Postal, Grocery & Hospital Essential Workers

-Virtual Carrizo Comecrudo Tribunal for Human Rights (read the details). FB Event.

-Actions for Mumia’s 66th Birthday: Press Conf; Teach-in; Instagram Dance Party; 24-Hr reading of Mumia’s works / SIGN PETITION: Laundromat Workers Demand Paid Sick Days in NYC /  Buffalo IWSN: Rent Strike May 1 (scroll down) /  NYC PPA: Selis Manor COVID-19 Solidarity Aid / NYC: Laundry Workers Center Emergency Response Fund / Jackson, MISS: Join the Peoples Strike  /  Y Nosotros Que, NY? Caravan for Essential and Excluded Workers!  / NDLON: Support Day Laborers: scroll down for videos, petition, donations / Houston: June 27 Pride

Apr 28, 2020: Covid-19: Southern workers fightback and organize for safety! FB Event.

May Day 2020: Fight for Workers Rights Everywhere!

Atlanta / Bay Area#1 / Bay Area#2:  Fight for the Docks: FB Event ;  Youtube interview /  Boston / Cleveland / Jackson, MISS: Peoples’ Strike on May Day /New York City / Philadelphia / Portland /


April 2020

by on March 28, 2020

**FLASH: Starting April 15, 2020: Twitter/Media Storm and Phone Zap for Mumia

Utmost concern and solidarity to all dealing with the current situation. The struggles of the peoples of the world have shifted to creative actions like webinars, petitions, “car rallies,”  wildcard strikes and walkouts, calls for rent, mortgage, utility and tuition moratoriums, and other means of showing solidarity with each other everywhere in the “belly of the beast” and with workers worldwide.  Below are just a very few especially petitions you can sign and pass on to others via email and social media. Let us know of other actions. Send to Stay well, support each other, and fight this government and system which puts profits so much before the peoples’ welfare.


-VIRTUAL TOWN HALL: Decarcerating Covid-19

-PETITION: Laundromat Workers Demand Paid Sick Days in NYC

-ACTION/INFO: Rent Strike/ Tenants Info

-CAR PROTEST: To demand release of Minn prisoners:

-PETITION: Prisons & ICE Detention Centers: Free our loved ones now!

-CONTRIBUTION: Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund

-PETITION: Socialist Demands for COVID-19 Crisis

-PETTION: We, Amazon Workers, Demand Coronavirus Protections!

-PETITION: UE Local 150: UNC System worker safety and well-being during coronavirus (COVID-19) state of emergency // La seguridad y bienestar de trabajadores del sistema UNC durante el estado de emergencia debido al coronavirus (COVID-19)


-ACTION: Instacart’s Gig Workers Are Planning a Massive, Nationwide Strike

-STRKE WAVE?: Black Garbage Workers Go on Wildcat Strike in Pittsburgh as General Strike Wave Spreads

-CALL: Call Your Governor to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Jails and Prisons

-And so many many more. Add yours:



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