Southern Fightback

July 1, 2021: There has been a recent major trend of southern Black municipal workers striking over working conditions and now pay coming out of the pandemic.  This past week. (ending June 30) there was a Public Works strike in New Orleans and also in Elizabeth City, NC.  This is, of course, following the Virginia Beach Waste Management strike that initiated the. Soutern Worker campaign there. There have been others.

Solidarity with the Bessemer BAmazon struggle!

Solidarity with Alabama Amazon Workers!



SWA: ContributeOrganizing City Workers Across Virginia

Sept 13, 2020:

Webinar: Healthcare Workers

Speak Out for Safety &

Medicare for All!
FB Event

NC Medicare for All Coalition


Thanks to all who participated in our #MedicareforAll town hall! ‬Get involved in the fight for healthcare justice! 1) Share video: 2) Support National Nurses United’s #M4A Day of Action!  3) Check out #NCM4A‘s guide to making an impact:‬

***Southern Workers Assembly: MEDICARE FOR ALL CAMPAIGN – Get the leaflets and information / See SWA FB / View the YouTube

This campaign gives a great way to build work-place organization at  grass roots levels. Be sure to Scroll Down & READ THROUGH THE STAGES & STEPS. These same principles can used used for community & issue-based organizing. Contact us for more info.

Safe Jobs/Save Lives Campaign: Details including Tool Kit, Resources & more

June 14, 2020: Webinar: Meatpacking Industry & Safe Jobs Save Lives Campaign. FB Event.

**From George Floyd to COVID-19, Two Pandemics Target Black Workers by Southern Workers Assembly | Jun 8, 2020 | Statement

Southern Struggles in

Transit During Covid-19. 

FB Event.

Apr 28, 2020: Covid-19: Southern workers fightback and organize for safety! FB Event.

March 2020: All please Read and Sign the Petition (tambien en espanol). LINK

We, the undersigned UNC system workers and students support the demands of the North Carolina Public Service Workers Union, UE Local 150 that urge you to take additional immediate steps to protect university workers from the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

As the coronavirus spreads in the United States, public universities are some of the most exposed spaces, given the amount of international travel undertaken by students, faculty and staff. We are concerned that front line university workers don’t have enough resources to protect themselves from getting sick and hospitals are unprepared to treat patients who are infected.

We hope that this emergency will compel the State, the UNC System and all management at the facility level to take seriously our calls for open communication via meet-n-confer with UE150 local committee, continuous training in infectious disease protocols and personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep us all safe at work and in turn our wider communities… (continued with Demands and en  espanol)

Jan 2020: FLASH: Important victory announced today by DHA — there will be no evictions in any DHA housing for failure to pay rent in January- no rent owed for Mac residents for January or February. Let’s keep up the fight to win end to all DHA evictions! But this is a step forward due to the righteous people’s struggle!

Dec 2019: Durham: Stop Evictions, No Displacement During the Holidays! / Sign petition /

FB Page (Scroll down to read details) /

Nov 9, 2019: Southern Labor Organizing in the Age of Trump: A Forum . FB Event.

Help strengthen the labor movement by attending this forum where you will hear on-the-ground reports from worker organizers about the current strategic campaigns to #OrganizetheSouth. Are you looking for more ways to help build with the working class? This forum is perfect for you! Let’s unite and strengthen our solidarity in action.

The forum will include presentations from the following worker campaigns:
Using the struggle for Medicare for All to organize Southern workers, by Southern Workers Assembly; Building city-wide worker resistance with local workers assemblies, by the Durham Workers Assembly; Why public sector non-collective bargaining organizing is strategic for worker power, by UE local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union; Migrant workers are organizing against state repression and deportation, by Comite de Accion Popular; Using tech initiatives to draw tech workers into the movement, by Raleigh-Durham Labor Watch. Share your work, learn from others and leave with with a new perspective.

Oct 21, 2019: Support Parks & Rec workers fighting hostility & fair grievance. FB Event.

Please come out to support the Durham Parks and Recreation workers that have been fighting a dynamic campaign against a hostile work environment and for a fair grievance procedure. WEAR RED SHIRTS to stand in solidarity!

This impacts over 600 children that are part of the city’s School Age Care programs including after school, summer, and other programs. Nearly the entire department has quit in the last year because management is so abusive and HR just covers it up….

Sept 21, 2019: Rally: Medicare for All City Council Resolution Campaign launch. FB Event

Workers across the US South are launching a massive campaign to fight for fully-paid employer-provided health care for workers and their families NOW, and City Council and employers to endorse the Congressional Medicare for All Act (HR1384)..


July 11. 2019: Durham July Workers Assembly: FB EVENT.


**June 29, 2019: We Dream in Black Block Party! – Durham, NC / FB Event /
Join our block party to celebrate domestic and care workers!

May 9, 2019:

Monthly Workers Assembly. 

Facebook Event.


May Day 2019 : No Walls in the Workers Struggle:

Build monthly workers solidarity days


-Day of Action:!   May 1:  9am-5pm. FB Event. 


-May Day, International Workers Day Rally; 5:30-8:30pm  FB Event.

April Workers Assembly! Commemorate Dr. King
FB Event

Workers deserve justice, dignity, and respect on the job and in our communities. We are workers and community members in Durham who are coming to together to say YES to workers rights and YES to worker organization!

March 14, 2019:

People’s First Policy needs resident support!

FB Event

Feb 7, 2019: February Workers Assembly in Durham
Facebook Event.

***Support the Southern Workers School Sept 14-16, 2018 

!!!SilentSam: One more down ;  It’s Going Down 

Aug 25, 2018 Conference: How to Topple a Statue, How to Tear Down a Wall
FaceBook Event


May 16, 2018

Link to More

*June 12, 2018
Rally in Roanoke, VA to Protect Jobs
FB Event.

*June 14, 2018
NC Needs Unions Town Hall
FB Event.

May Day 2018 across the South:

(And in many other places!)


-ALL OUT FOR MAY DAY!    May 1: Public forum sponsored by Black Workers for Justice; 6:00pm;  Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center, 4200 Lake Ridge Dr.

– – – –


-May Day, International Workers Day Rally; 6-8pm / Durham Police Department; FB Event.

Roanoke, VA

-May Day Movie Night: the Young Karl Marx! May 1; 7-9:30pm; The Hope Center; FB Event.


-Support the Durham Workers Assembly:  FB / Next meeting Mar 1, 2018

**Feb 20, 2018: Incredible People’s victory over white supremacy: All charges dropped:

Summary /// FB Defend Durham (latest news) /

-DoItLikeDurham for: Your ideas to replace the statue / Commission of Inquiry / Support Toppling Racism Tour Fund / See the statue fall!

**Jan 11, 2018:  Felony Charges Dropped, court struggle continues / Jan 13: Peoples Tribunal

-FB Defend Durham : Latest updated info & Event listing
DoItLike Durham: Background / Statements / Watch the statue topple! /
Labor Call to Action: Drop Charges on Durham 15

Defend Durham

**Jan 10-11, 2018: National Call-In Days. FB Event.

**Jan 13: Peoples Tribunal

Oct 24, 2017: We won’t stop: pack the courts! (#3) FB Event.
-Calendar & key info FB_DefendDurham /

-Video; Statements; Press coverage; more at doitlikedurham

**Get the Summer 2017 SWA Newsletter – Packed with key struggles. Scroll down & Click Logo from

**Do It Like Durham Solidarity Day: Sept 12, 2017: Durham Courthouse. FB Event.


Topple White Supremacy
National Days of Action

Details / Sign On / Links

Defend those on Front Lines!


**Aug 30, 2017ACTION NEEDED NOW!!!  


End the witch hunt against activists!

Call Sheriff Mike Andrews’ office & demand that he end the witchhunt against activists involved in fighting white supremacy! Call (919) 560-0897 & demand:

  • Stop the witchhunt on activists protesting white supremacy
  • Drop the charges against those already arrested

Over the past two weeks, thirteen activists have been arrested & slapped with outrageous felony & misdemeanor charges for their defense of the Durham community against white supremacists, first in relation to the toppling of a Confederate statue in front the Durham courthouse on Aug. 14, & then for protesting in response to a planned Ku Klux Klan rally on Aug. 18. Most recently, three more activists were issued warrants on Aug. 28; two were arrested the day before.

Sheriff Andrews recently attempted unsuccessfully to prosecute activists with Inside-Outside Alliance for protest charges, & was exposed for his exaggerated attempts to target demonstrators. These arrests are clearly a form of retaliation against the movement at large.


 Takiyah  needs the movement’s support. Her security & her job is threatened by her actions participating in an action that took down a Confederate statue in solidarity with #Charlottesville . She will not be able to work or earn an income. She is asking that we prioritize circulating this fundraising page so that she can support her own living expenses until this all cools down. #BlackLivesMatter #NoNewKKK #TearEmDown #PeoplesPower #Durham

Please donate and share everywhere : / See the Youtube of action, Read Statement.

 **All July: Resistimos Dentro y Fuera de las Rejas; FB Event for Raleigh July 28

**Sat, July 29, 2017: 6th Triangle People’s Assembly; FB Event

2017 must be a time uniting our strength, developing greater political insight and a collective, strategic action plan!  We must develop the People’s Assembly as the front line of resistance, uniting all the organizing forces in our communities, schools and workplaces and engaging newly active people.  We need your help to develop a People’s Assembly process to serve as a fundamental component of sharing reports, learning from each other, strengthening a democratic, bottom-up grassroots movement to engage a stronger vision and struggle for working peoples power and transformative change in our communities, workplaces and society. #BlackLivesMatter #Not1More #NiUnaMas #UnionPower #PeoplesPower #EndIslamophobia #NoBanNoWall #NoWar #OrganizetheSouth


**URGENT ALL WEEK: June 26-30, 2017:  Call-in day: Stop SB375, Save Union Payroll deduction. Get details from the FB Event page.

***PLZ CALL: -Rep. David Lewis, Chair House Rules Committee / 910-897-8100 /

-Speaker of the House, Rep. Tim Moore / 919-733-3451 /

Call script: “Hello, my name is ______________________ . I am calling on Rep. Lewis and Rep. Moore to oppose Senate Bill 375 to eliminate union payroll deduction. The state has taken enough power away from workers and local governments. This is another attack on our democracy! Workers organizing is our best defense for quality public services. Vote no to SB 375!”

(Leave a message if they don’t answer)

Let us know you made a call by posting a note on the Facebook event page. (Solidarity inspires & empowers the workers!)

May Day 2017 across the South:

(And in many other places!)


-1 de MAYO: ¡Huelga y Resistencia! Strike & Resist!; 10am; Moore Square; FB Event

– – – –


-May Day: Strike! No Work, No School/  May 1; 5pm / 602 E Main; FB Event


Primero de Mayo Dia Internacional de l@s Trabajadores Mitin/ May 1/ 11am/ FB Event

Roanoke, VA

-No Borders in the Workers Struggle! May 1; 3pm Melrose Park; FB Event


Happy New Year —
**Help build the People’s Assembly!

Sat, Jan 28, 2017: 12 PM – 4 PM
FB Event

700 S Salisbury St / Raleigh, NC 27601

2017 must be a time uniting our strength, developing greater political insight and a collective, strategic action plan!

Join and help build the People’s Assembly. The past few weeks have shown us just a glimpse about what we are up against at the state and Federal levels. The recent convening of 2017 Session of Congress announced major plans to attack health care and Federal employees rights on their first day. Trump has appointed corporate and Wall St. executives and enemies of the working class and oppressed peoples to his cabinet, wealthy elites that hate the very people their departments are designed to safeguard. The right-wing in Raleigh is trying to maintain their control of the Governor’s office and has made power grabs altering control in many state departments. We have to fight back and our movements MUST DIG DEEPER INTO OUR COMMUNITIES, SCHOOLS AND WORKPLACES if we are to be more united than ever.

We must develop the People’s Assembly as the front line of resistance, uniting all the organizing forces in our communities, schools and workplaces and engaging newly active people. At the last assembly on December 4th, 2016 we had representatives from many of the local struggles for Black, immigrant, Muslim, worker, woman, environmental and electoral rights and power. But we must continue to unite and learn from the many other battlefronts and struggles that are fighting back. We must learn lessons from each other’s practice, struggle and organizing so that we can raise our collective mass political consciousness. We must learn together about the critical role and timely need for the Peoples Assembly organizing process as an independent political action necessity in 2017!

We need your help to develop a People’s Assembly process to serve as a fundamental component of sharing reports, learning from each other, strengthening a democratic, bottom-up grassroots movement to engage a stronger vision and struggle for working peoples power and transformative change in our communities, workplaces and society.


Sat, Dec 3, 2016: Shut Down Trump and the KKK!

No white supremacy & state violence. FB Event.


OCT4, 2016:No More Strange Fruit! Call to Action from Charlotte Uprising. FB Event.


NYC Action


Charlotte protestors

Take Action Now! Let protests sweep nation after Keith Lamont Scott murder:  Read more

**SEPT 24, 2016; 1pm: SHOW UP IN CHARLOTTE :A call to mobilize 1,000s against police violence
March starting from Marshall Park in Uptown Charlotte / 800 East 3rd St.
All ages, rain or shine

Eyewitness account /  Bond Fund for Charlotte protesters / NYC FB  Protest/ Balt FB Protest

Keith Lamont Scott was a 43 year old Black Father who was Autistic.

On Tuesday September 20, 2016 Keith was sitting inside of his car reading a book when an undercover Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Officer by the name of Brentley Vinson ran up to his car and shot him Four times, killing him.

Folks were out in the streets that night until early Wed. morning, shutting down I-85 (a major interstate) for several hours up until 4am. Demonstrators were teargassed and cops were flashbanging. At the height of the action, Facebook cut almost all livefeeds, so some people couldn’t catch on camera when the teargassing began.Local organizers are meeting to strategize and then canvassing to build further actions.



People’s Assembly Forum

Sat, Sept 17, 2016 / 3 – 6pm
6317 Angus Drive, Raleigh


Join the Triangle Unity May Day Coalition for a forum to discuss, plan, and take action to begin to build for a broader series of People’s Assemblies before and after the 2016 elections. Click for more details.


Southern Workers School participants from 6 Southern states gathered for the 8th Session of the 2016 School of the Southern Workers Assembly — discussing strategic worker organizing and how to use the 2016 Presidential elections climate to help organize workers into unions. Learning lessons from the Verizonstrike lead by Communication Workers Union and organizing lessons of public workers by UE150 NC Public Service Workers Union, and historic lessons from International Longshorman Association Local 1422 and Raise Up. See FB . Also


Sat, Aug 13, 2016 / 1pm

#FightFor15 march on the old Confederacy in Richmond!
Monroe Park, Richmond, VA