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Support the uprising: We will never go back!

July 14, 2020: Justice for Sandra Bland #SAYHERNAME. FB Event.

-6th Annual Action in honor of Sandra Bland all Black femmes, girls, trans women, and women murdered by the white supremacist state and its agents.
-At 12pm: virtual event talking about domestic violence and transformative justice.
-At 5:30pm: rally at Union Square (practicing safety.).
 **Justice for George Floyd! Abolish the Police! / July 13, 2020Justice for Sandra Bland #SAYHERNAME / NYC: Petition: Release All Protesters NOW  /  Webinar: Why We Must Abolish the Police / June 23: See FB Event listing for SAVE OUR POST OFFICE actions around the country / Send a message #SaveThePostOffice / LWC: 100 Días Sin Alivio: Foro Comunitario: Community Forum / June 28, 2020: Queer Liberation March for Black Lives and Against Police Brutality /

May Day 2020 Workers Solidarity:

Caravan For Our Lives
FB Event.

(The below listing is very dated.)


Nov 22, 2019: 2nd FTP Emergency Action Against NYPD & MTA. FB event.


Join us for planning meetings & powerful action
August 23, 2019. FB Event.

-Besides the below, we will be supporting many July 2019 actions in NYC: Disability Pride March; No raids! No wars! End the Wars at Home and Abroad! (FB Event); The FIRE CALL  for National Emergency Meetings on the Border Migrant Crisis (July 20 in NYC); “Prime Day” Solidarity with striking Amazon workers (scroll down); support the latest Laundry Worker Center action; and many others actions!

Jul13, 2019: Justice for Sandra Bland  & All Black women. FB Event.
Jul17: March & Rally for the 5 Year Anniversary of Eric Garner’s Murder; FB Event.
Jul24: Recontextualizing Gandhi: FB Event.

June 28, 2019: 15th Annual Trans Day of Action. FB Event

July 13, 2019Justice for Sandra Bland and all Black Women – FB Event

-June 30, 2019:
Abolition Now! Contingent in the Queer Liberation March – FB Event

May 29, 2019: How Revolutions are Organized. FB Event.
ACTIONJune 8, 2019: 100 Year Anniversary of Red Summer. FB Event.
TEACH-INMay 29, 2019: 100 Year Anniversary of Red Summer. FB Event.
May 21, 2019: PACK the court! Lawsuit Mandating Elevators in the Subway. FB Event.
May 8, 2019: Remembering the Nakba: A Palestinian Youth Movement Educational. FB Event.
May 8, 2019: Support Uber & Lyft 1 Day Strike. FB Event.
May 4 2019: New Yorkers Say HELL NO to Hate Group Focus on the Family! FB Event.

April 17, 2019
FB Event.

MayDay on Wall St!
FB Event/ Leaflet/ Spanish

 March 27, 2019
FB Event.
June 8, 2019: 100 Year Anniversary of Red Summer.
FB Event.

 March 23, 2019: Say Her Name: The Life and Death Of Sandra Bland: FB Event.

Get on the Bus: No War in Venezuela
-National Demonstrations in DC March 16 and March 30
Call 212-633-6646 for tickets/information

Feb 23, 2019March on Wall Street to Defend VenezuelaNYC Facebook Event

Click here: Local actions around world/ International list of endorsersCall in over 14 languages /// National FB Event

Manhattan, New York

***Oct 27, 2018: Put the U.S. on Trial for crimes in Puerto Rico: FB Event. website.


**Oct 19: Fight Back Against the Neo-Nazis Proud Boys (Be sure to read “Details”) FB Event.


Oct 13, 2018: We Are All Ramona Africa. FB Event.
Oct 12, 2018NO Nazis in NYC, NO to Gavin McInnes! FB Event.
-Oct 5, 2018:  500 Years of Resistance: LWC Community Gala 2018. FB Event.

*** See the Calendar for specifics on:  Orie Lumumba on Mumia! #PrisonStrike / Prison Strike 2018: Nat Turner Day Noise Demo / Solidarity with Chapel Hill & Striking Prisoners! #SilentSamDown / Mumia Abu-Jamal Court Hearing Aug 30 / 13th & Filbert, Philadelphia 8am – 11am / Bus from NYC leaves Solidarity Center at 5:30am. If you’d like a ticket on the bus ($25 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds) drop by the Solidarity Center or call 212-633-6646 / Brooklyn March Against Gentrification, Racism, and Police Violence / International Tribunal on US Colonial Crimes Against Puerto Rico / and more!!! /

***Saturday, June 30End Family Separation NYC Rally and March /


**SPECIAL: June 26, 2018: Laundromat Report Launch: FB Event.


**Join the Disability Pride Parade
Sun July 15, 2018FB Event.

Fri July 13, 2018:
Justice for Sandra Bland & all Black Women.

FB Event.

***FLASH: May 19, 2018: Trump Must Go! Get on the Bus. FB Event.
Tired off hearing lies and false promises from the bank controlled MTA?
**Come to a BOARD MEETING of the People’s MTA:
-Tues may 29, 2018: 7-9pm; 1st Floor auditorium at VISIONS (135 E. 23rd St between 6th & 7th Aves.)

***FLASH:  May 8, 2018: Support occupation of New School Cafeteria: FB Info , How to help,  PPA FB /

May 10: Accessible Subways Now!

***PLAN NOW: July 13: Justice for Sandra Bland & All Black Women! /

May Day Where? Union Square: May 1: Gather 12pm; March at 5pm/ 212-633-6646 / FB Event /

***Plan Now:

IWWD 2018:

March 10

See FB Event.

**2018: Starting the year in solidarity & struggle

See Calendar, including for week-long events for #J20DAYSOFRAGE.


**Sun; Dec 3, 2017: International Day for Persons with Disabilities. FB Event.

-Dec 13: Peoples MTA: Rally for Elevators + More Buses & Trains! FB Event.
Thurs, Nov 30 /  March against rapist cops: Justice for Anna Chambers
Thurs, Nov 30: LWC Immigration Forum: Our Roots; Our Struggles; FB Event


-Thursday, Nov 23 / National Day of Mourning  / BUSES FROM NYC. Call 212-633-6646 to book a bus ticket.

-Nov 1-14: Pack the Court for Mohammed Bah / SUPPORTERS NEEDED EVERY DAY.

-Oct 23 – Nov 13: Pack the court for Delrawn Small .

-Wed, Nov 15: Protest @MTA Board Meeting. Peoples MTA & others.


**Oct 28, 2017: Counter Protest: Nationalist Front To Host White Lives Matter Rally In Middle Tennessee. Join NYCers going. Email: (More details on counter protest.)

**Oct 25, 2017: Protest at Board MtngThe MTA CAN Afford to Make Public Transit Accessible!  FB Event.

**Abolitionist Forum: Sept 30=BedSty FB / Oct 1=Harlem FB.


Oct 7, 2017: Rally to Resist War & Racism at Home & Abroad; FB Event

***Sept 12: NYC Says: Do It Like Durham!

**Aug 30, 2017: No Platform For Fascism Meeting + Self-Defense Workshop. FB Event.

Postponed: Date TBA:  Abolitionist Forum FB Event / Abolish the Police! Abolish the Prisons! Liberate Your Hood!

**Sat Aug 26, 2017, 4-8pm. Global Film Festival – Celebrating International Women Warriors –  FB Event

Dedicated to women warriors around the world including the U.S. who have given their energy and lives in resistance to all forms of oppression to help liberate women and their communities/countries.

**7pm Friday, July 28, 2017: Rally to defend Joshua Lopez

34th Precinct / 183rd and Broadway, Washington Heights / FB Event.


***PLAN NOW: July 13, 2017Fists Up: Fight Back for Sandra Bland /  FB Event / See the inspiring video

We’re taking the streets again for Sandra Bland & all the Black women & girls we’ve lost to state violence. Not only are we NOT tired, we have renewed energy to bring the spirit of Sandra Bland– & while we’re at it, Korryn Gaines, a woman who was ready for the times we find ourselves living in now– to fight.

**Wed June 28, 2017: Court Outreach to End Broken Windows. FB Event.
**Join folks: Fri June 23, 2017: Trans Day of Action / Sun June 25 NYC Pride

Wed, June 7, 2017, 7-9pm: Street Meeting/Vigil For Victims Of White Supremacy. FB Event.


***Join us at the TRASH the FASH demo Sat June 10: More info


– Know Your Rights with Federal/State Law Enforcement/ FB Event

May Day Where?

Union Square: May 1, 2017

Gather 12pm; March at 5pm/ 212-633-6646 FB Event
<<Download flier in Arabic, Spanish, English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese

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