Stop Selling Jailhouse Coffee!

by on November 4, 2015

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Jailhouse Coffee, a company based in Queens, makes fun of incarceration and solitary confinement selling coffees called Solitary Sumatra and Chain Gang Espresso.

We have recently started a campaign against the company demanding a name change. We’ve already gotten significant media coverage and thanks to the pressure, two retailers have already dropped the brand!!! Now, we have to keep the pressure on.

We’ve already had several actions & are planning more. Please see our FB Event page & support our efforts.

**Tues Dec 1, 2015 – 6pmThis is our second action to convince grocery store owners to boycott Jailhouse Coffee. We have to keep the pressure on until they dump this awful brand!  Fowler Square at Fulton St & Lafayette Ave, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Contact: / Facebook Event:


Media coverage of our campaign:

More what you can do to help: Our tactics against Jailhouse Coffee are working: one of the grocery stores in Fort Greene, Brooklyn we protested at a few weeks ago emailed to say they are dropping the brand. Now, let’s keep the pressure on the other stores that continue to sell the coffee.
  1. Join us for our second action this Thursday, Dec. 3 at 6pm. We’ll go back to the same two stores that keep selling the coffee and a few new ones. Facebook event.
  2. Call R & J Food Market–another one of the stores where we protested that keeps selling the coffee. The contact info and a brief script are listed below. Please call this stores at least once before our next action this Thursday. Thanks!

We also drafted an email to the company’s owner urging him to reconsider his marketing strategy. We’ll keep you posted whether he responds.

R & J Food Market
(718) 488-0676
61 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone Script—Retailers: Stop Selling Jailhouse Coffee!

  • Hi, can I speak to the store owner or manager, please?
  • As a member of the group People’s Power Assemblies here in NY, I’m calling about a product you sell – Jailhouse Coffee.
  • We are calling on retailers to boycott this brand, because it makes fun of incarceration and solitary confinement, selling coffees called Solitary Sumatra and Chain Gang Espresso.
  • We recently came to your store with a group of people and demanded that you remove the coffee from your shelves.
  • We went back to check and saw that you continue to sell Jailhouse Coffee.
  • We are calling because we wanted to give you another opportunity to remove the coffee before we come back with more people and begin a boycott in the coming days.
  • Will you agree to stop selling Jailhouse Coffee?
  • If yes: Thank you! (We will publicly thank you and add you to a public list of stores that have agreed to stop selling Jailhouse Coffee)
  • If no: I’m sorry to hear that. We will add your store to a public list of businesses to be boycotted. We will also be organizing a protest in front of your store in the coming week and begin leafleting your customers. If you change your mind, you can contact us at

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