People’s Power Assemblies (PPA) organizes to empower workers and oppressed people to demand jobs, education & healthcare while fighting against racist police terror, sexism, LGBTQ and ableist oppression.


by on February 27, 2019

FLASH: Honor Malaysia Goodson for Intl Women’s Month
PLAN NOW: May Day 2019: No Walls in the Workers’ Struggle: Racism will Not Divide Us! /
 Phila: Mumia-Stop the Cover-up of the Frame-up / NYC-PMTA: Courthouse Rally for Subway Access /  Phila: Stand with the CCP Workers / NYC-LWC: Laundromat Campaign – Join the weekly picket / Durham: April Workers Assembly Commemorate Dr. King / NYC-PPA: Say Her Name – Sandra Bland event / NYC-PPA: 100th Anniversary of Red Summer / 

IWWD: Women in Rebellion:To Resist is Justified!
Sunday, March 17, 2019
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Stop the US take over of Venezuela

-Take Action: Feb 16/ March 30
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Feb 2019

by on February 12, 2019

Support Black History Month! / NYC: Liberation Day for LWC / NYC PPA Forum: Smash Rape Culture / Durham: Monthly Workers Assembly / Phila: Free Mumia film showing, meeting / NYC-IWWD: Gather for Women’s Unity / NYC: Vigil for Subway Accessibility / Brooklyn: BAN Victory Party / What’s YOUR plan for IWD?

Stop the US take over of Venezuela

Click here: Local actions/ International list of endorsersCall in over 14 languages /// FB Event

Take action for Mumia
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by on January 4, 2019

Crucial Ruling for Mumia

 Take Action Now // Twitter Storm

 Phila Protest FB Event  // Sign the Petition

DA Krasner, don’t stand in the way of

Justice for Mumia



by on December 15, 2018

Mumia & Prisoners Solidarity / NYC: Yellow Vest protest at MTA Fare Hike Mtng / Put FIRE (web) to ICE (FB) / Durham Workers Assembly:  One Year Anniversary/  Utah: Migrant Justice: teach-in & call to action / Southern Workers Assembly: Workers’ BILL of RIGHTS/ FB: Caravan Solidarity on International Migrants Day / 


Dec 2018

by on December 2, 2018

**FLASH: Emergency Mumia Alert  / Durham Workers Assembly:  One Year Anniversary /  Utah: Migrant Justice: teach-in & call to action / Peoples MTA: No Fare Hike Until Subways Are Accessible! / NYC: NoNewJails Coalition Speakout / Mumia Support in Phila Dec 7-9 – FB(scrolldown) / Put FIREto ICE (FB): Support Migrants /

International Day of People with Disabilities

FB EVENT / Join People’s Power Assemblies NYC as we honor the dignity of people with disabilities & fight the oppressions that people with disabilities face. We demand equal accessibility from the MTA for disabled riders, an end to warehousing & mass incarceration of people with disabilities & an end to police murder.
-Over 50% of people killed by the police have a disability.
-Only 94 of 472 (20%) of the subway stations in New York City are accessible.
-People with Disabilities makeup over 25% of persons living in extreme poverty.

PPA recognizes that the International Day of People with Disabilities, “(DRPI) celebrates the human rights principles & echoes the countless voices of people with disabilities around the world in calling for dignity, autonomy, non-discrimination, inclusion, & respect for difference.”

Black Lives Matter! Disabled Lives Matter! Join us. Support Disabled Liberation!


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