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Workers and Poor Peoples Rights Day

by on January 16, 2013



360l Washington Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21227
Sat. January 19, 2013
12 Noon to 1 P.M.

Demand justice for low wage workers from Walmart to McDonalds.
Stand for workers rights from Michigan to Maryland!
Say NO to so-called “right to work” laws and YES to raising the minimum wage!
No to inadequate health care and lack of right’s on the job!

One out of every four persons in Baltimore City is reportedly living in poverty. Many of those who live in poverty actually work, but at jobs that pay next to nothing. In many cases these same workers are employed by multi-billion dollar greedy corporations like Wal-Mart and McDonalds.

Let’s stand together! If Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today he would be walking the picket line.

HEAR: Representatives of the OUR Walmart campaign; low wage workers fighting to raise the minimum wage; and many others. Let’s let Walmart know that those in the community support the Walmart workers; that “an injury to one is an injury to all”.

Initiated by: Baltimore Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly
For more info: call 410-500-2168 or 410-218-4835

Join the Maryland Justice for Low Wage Workers! J4LWW a focus group of the Peoples Power Assembly

And on Wed. January 30th, 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M:


Dinner and Discussion at Sharp Hall
Govan’s Presbyterian Church
5828 York Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21212
(on the #8 bus line, near the Senator Theater (parking lot in the rear)

Featuring Walmart workers, including OUR Walmart founder, Cindy Murray, who will explain why they are fighting for justice.

Sign up for a special community campaign “Justice for Low Wage Workers” a focus group of the Baltimore Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly.  This committee will begin a campaign to educate the community at large about OUR Walmart and justice for Walmart workers.

ALSO Sign on to a community, civil rights, religious, student activist LETTER TO WALMART

Justice for Low Wage Workers (a focus project of the Baltimore SCLC and the Peoples Power Assembly)
2011 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
410-500-2168 or 410-218-4835

Dear Super Walmart Manager,

We the undersigned, community, civil rights, student, and religious leaders, have picked this special weekend, the weekend commemorating Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, to call on you to provide justice for your workers.

Dr. King Jr. marched for justice for all!  He called for an end to poverty, and poverty wages.  He spoke out for worker’s rights on and off the job.  He was jailed for fighting against discrimination. 

Low wages, inadequate health care coverage, lack of right’s on the job including retaliation for speaking out, among many other things, are problems for all of us.

Surely, the multi-billion dollar Walmart corporation can do better!

We ask you to seriously take up the demands of OUR Walmart, your very own workers, and hear their voices.

“An injury to one, is an injury to all.”

<your name/organization>

Let us know if you or your organization would like to sign on, deadline for press and other purposes is 8 A.M., Wednesday, January 16, 2013  call us at 410-500-2168 or 410-218-4835 or email back to this email or to or


Occupy Sandy! Far Rockaway

by on December 20, 2012

Occupy Sandy! Far Rockaway
Saturday December 15, 2012

Think about Far Rockaway
before you sleep tonight.

Children living in the mold
Now you know that ain’t right!


Baltimore PPA December 15,2012

by on December 1, 2012

Baltimore PPA 1215



by on November 16, 2012



Occupy Sandy and the massive grassroots relief effort show that we, the people, can take matters into our own hands

Join organizers on the one-month anniversary of the storm to strategize & develop a People’s Power Assembly Movement

Thursday, November 29 @ 6:30pm
Solidarity Center
55 W 17th St. #5C, Manhattan

Climate Change? Social Change!

Governor Cuomo has requested $30 billion for Hurricane Sandy relief. Where will this money go? Will it go to build or repair affordable housing for the people of the Rockaways? Will it go to help rebuild damaged or ruined homes of the working class in Staten Island? Will it go to the tens of thousands in New York and New Jersey who lost wages the week of the storm? No, it will not – at least not without a fight.

This $30 billion is money stolen from the people of this country. And the money that is allocated for Hurricane Sandy will probably be used as another excuse to carry out more drastic cuts in social services than those already proposed to automatically take place early next year at the federal level – which will have a disastrous effect on every town, city and state already hit by the storm.

We have been organizers for decades – or some of us just for months – in building a people’s power movement in one way or another. We all believe that only by organizing an independent people’s movement can we bring real change. Only a militant people’s movement can address the dire needs brought on by the climate crisis.

We invite you to help us take this movement to another level.

Join us in a discussion Nov. 29 on how to build a movement that will put real fear in the minds of the 1%.

In struggle for a better world,

Signers (in alphabetical order):

Rosa de la Torre,Chelsea Housing Group

Sara Flounders, International Action Center

Teresa Gutierrez, May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Right

Larry Hales, PPA Movement Staff Organizer

Larry Holmes, Bail Out the People Movement

Caleb Maupin, OWS Activist

Yoni Miller, OWS Activist

Messiah Rhodes, Unemployment Council

Brenda Stokely, Million Worker March Movement

Victor Toro, La Peña del Bronx

Mark Torres, People’s Power Movement

Rev. Cortly C.D. Witherspoon, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Baltimore


Come to a VICTORY party for the Hot & Crusty workers!

After 55 days on the picket line, the immigrant workers at Hot & Crusty have won a great victory for themselves and all workers. Through their courage and struggle they’ve won raises, vacation and sick pay, the right to file grievances and a hiring hall that’s a precedent for the entire industry.

The Laundry Workers Center, which led this lockout, wants to organize and win justice for more low-paid workers. Help them launch these struggles by coming to a victory party.

Fundraiser for the Laundry Workers Center

Thur NOV 29 9:00pm – 11:00pm

Solidarity Center
55 W 17th St. #5C, Manhattan

Between 5th Ave and 6th Ave.
Take any train to 14th St. The building has an elevator.

  • $10 admission
  • Larger donations welcome
  • Refreshments for sale

Call: 212.633.6646 for more information

Sponsored by the Laundry Workers Center and the Solidarity Center



by on October 30, 2012


To Create — Build & Multiply People’s Power Assemblies

Things are already bad — and they are about to get a lot worse!

The people must prepare to defend ourselves against the life-threatening and ever-intensifying economic and social misery that Wall Street and its politicians are imposing on us, including endless war.

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