People’s Power Assemblies (PPA) organizes to empower workers and oppressed people to demand jobs, education & healthcare while fighting against racist police terror, sexism, LGBTQ and ableist oppression.

Oct8 & LA July 19, 2014

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National Action: Fight the 1%

World Business Forum Oct 8

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*Organizing Meeting for the PROTEST at the WORLD BUSINESS FORUM
WED ►AUG 6 @ 6:30 pm
147 West 24th St., Second Floor, NY
(Between 6th & 7th Ave • Near 23rd St subway stations)
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Describing itself as the “the biggest business event of the year” THE WORLD BUSINESS FORUM will bring some 5000 chief executive officers, and heads of the fortune 500 multi-billion dollar transnational corporations and banks to Radio City Music Hall in October. This is the invasion of the 1%. They make the decisions that fire workers, bust unions, and keep the wages that ordinary workers take home as low as possible. We will be there to say “No Way: Workers Need $15 & a union.”  Call 212-633-6646 or FaceBook.

FLASH: LA TIMES: Activists pitch L.A. ballot measure for citywide $15 minimum wage 

Citywide Los Angeles Workers Assembly!

Follow up Organizers Meeting August 9 – 3 PM. More info.
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For more info, call 323-306-6240


Speak out & testify: Can you survive on your pay? Missing hours in your pay check? Working part time & want full time? Facing racism on the job or harassed because you are a woman or LGBTQ or because of immigrant status? Join us to July 19, 2014.

May 15 Global Protests/LA June 4

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Raise Wages: Global fast food strike demands Union


New York City

Something new happened on the planet May 15, 2014. Low-wage workers in the fast food industry and their supporters went on strike and took part in protests in over 150 US cities, including 56 where there had been no previous actions recently, and internationally in 93 cities in 36 countries.
from all around the USA.

Build the global struggle for $15 an hour. Build Peoples’ Power! 

( Resources: placards, leaflets, and more)



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-May 19: Justice for Victims of East Harlem Explosion – Protest at Con Ed Stockholders meeting. Leaflets & info.
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NYC May 17, 2014 Action to Build Peoples Power

Por espanol/more details. 212-633-6646. FaceBook.
-May 7: We are All Workers Faith & Justice Walk Together;
-May 15: International Fast Food Workers Strike;

Solidarity with the Global Fast Food Workers Strike

May 15 workers in more than 150 US cities & 33 countries will hold the first & largest in history global strike/protest for a living wage & the right to unionize. This affects us all!

Action listing/leaflet.

Post on FaceBook what your city or town is doing. Take pictures. Make the movement grow!
$15 an hour NOW song by Baltimore Workers Assembly
Ain’t gonna let no one turn me around

Ain’t gonna let McDonald’s, turn me round, Turn me round, turn me round,
Ain’t gonna let McDonald’s, turn me round,
I just keep on a-walkin’, keep on a-talkin’,
Marching for 15 NOW.

In place of McDonald’s put:
nobody; now wage theft; low wages; the bosses; nobody; add your own


NRA & MayDay2014

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Protest in DC Apr 29, 2014

(Larger con en español)
Add my name to the list of endorsers

For specifics, including Contact info, call 410-218-4835 or see: FaceBook Event;

All Out for May Day

Click this link for specifics from around the country/Haga clic aquí para más detalles: NYC, Balt, Phila, Providence, Seattle, Detroit, across the South (Raleigh, San Antonio, Knoxville, Charleston, Tampa), Boston, Chicago, Wisconsin, Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles & others



SWA & NYC Apr 15

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North Carolina Worker Assemblies:

Charlotte, April 20, 2014

SWA For specifics, including Contact info, see:
-Charlotte: Sat, Apr 20
Visit our FaceBook page.

NYC: Sat Apr 12 – Continue the struggle for $15/hr 

Abril 12: Marcha por $15 por Hora
(en espanol)
For an exciting flier on the May Day planning meeting click here.

Mar_15_4_15Street Meeting 1:00 PM @ Herald Square 
-3 PM; Pre-MayDay Peoples Assembly
212-633-6646. Visit our FaceBook page.


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