People’s Power Assemblies (PPA) organizes to empower workers and oppressed people to demand jobs, education & healthcare while fighting against racist police terror, sexism, LGBTQ and ableist oppression.

Nov 2019

by on November 6, 2019

***INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: Money for Elevators, Not Cops in the Subway! / Mumia case advances / NYC PeoplesMTA: Courthouse Rally/Pack the Court for Transit Accessibility  / Using the  Medicare for All Campaign to organize Southern workers /  NYC: FTP 2nd Emergency Action Against NYPD and MTA / NYC LWC: Picket Line-No More Wage Theft (Linea de piquete-No Mas Robo de Salario) / Sign the IWSN Solidarity Pledge: ICE off Greyhound! / NYC: March for Farmworker Justice: What are you hiding, Wendy’s?  / Phila: Youth Rise Up Against US Empire-Mumia Will Be Free / Youth lead as millions say ‘Planet, not profits!’

Southern Labor Organizing in the Age of Trump

Read specifics on how this can help YOU!

Tear Down the Walls! 

ONE STRUGGLE ONE ENEMY – Police brutality & mass incarceration. Migrant concentration camps & ICE gestapo tactics. The fight against settler-colonialism. Join us as we connect these struggles by acknowledging our common enemy: capitalism.


October 2019

by on October 11, 2019

Solidarity with GM strikers in US and Korea: IWSN Solidarity / Mumia case advances / NYC PeoplesMTA: Support rally for fair contract / Durham Worker Assembly Oct meeting / Medicare for All Campaign / LWC Brooklyn: Sunshine Laundromat Campaign / Phila: Annual Trans March / Phila: S**t aint new. Cops & corruption / Durham: Support parks & rec worker grievances / Charlotte: Medicare for All City Council resolution / Youth lead as millions say ‘Planet, not profits!’ / 

Fight Back! ICE OFF GREYHOUND / Buses are for transportation, not deportation /  

Atlanta, Bay Area, Boston, Buffalo, Durham, Houston, NYC, Phila, Portland: See IWSN Listing / FIRE /  Sign the Solidarity Pledge / Plan one in your area!


Sept 2019

by on September 4, 2019

**Support climate change actions Sept 20-27 /  Sin Fronteras: LWC 2019 Gala / SWA: Solidarity Statement for Mississippi factory ICE raid  / NYC: PPA PALOOZAJustice for Eric Gardner / Fight white supremacy: Statement on mass shootings / Mumia: Victory to save eyesight / NYC-PPA: outreach to fight MTA fair hike / Durham Medicare For All People’s Assembly / Sanctions Kill /  NYC: #NoBusinessWithICE Support Sept 21 Puerto Rico actions /

Sign the Solidarity Pledge: Climate Change is a Working Class Issue and only the working class can solve it! IWSN InternationalWorkersSolidarityNetwork (scroll down)
-Next steps to get ICE off Greyhound/ #CloseTheCamps
FB Event / FIRE
-Support the SWA Medicare for All Campaign

-Support global efforts / FB

-Phila: No Sanctuary for ICE & Corporate Profiteers FB Event



by on August 6, 2019

Fight white supremacy: Statement on mass shootings / Mumia Petitions delivered to PaDeptCorr / Sanctions Kill /  PeoplesMTA: Latest updates / Southern Workers Assembly: Support the Medicare for All Campaign / 

NYC: All out Aug 23, 2019:

ICE Off Greyhound buses

FB Event / FIRE

Phila: Aug 13, 2019

Organize: Close the Camps, Fight White Supremacy!
FB Event / IWSN


July20, 2019

by on July 19, 2019

***URGENT: Sign EMERGENCY APPEAL for Mumia’s eyesight; Caravan to PA Dept Corrections to deliver / Oppose US-imposed sanctions  / Southern Workers Assembly: Support the Medicare for All Campaign / NYC Disability Pride /  PPA-NYC: Reconceptualizing Ghandi / LWC: Donate to #airthedirtylaundry / Durham: July Workers Assembly  / Venezuela  / PhilaNo war on migrants! No war on Iran!  / NYC: 15th Annual Trans Day of Action /  PeoplesMTA: Latest updates / Staten Island: Remember Eric Garner  / Phila: Sanctions Kill: Economic Warfare & The Migration / No raids! No wars! End the Wars at Home and Abroad! / NYC-PPA: Action Meeting to Close the Camps and Abolish ICE! /  NYC welcomes MOVE women warriors: Janine & Janet Africa /

July 2019: Justice for Sandra Bland and all Black WomenFB Event

A Call for National Emergency Meetings on the Border Migrant Crisis: 

See the call / Get a flier.

Also “Prime Day” Solidarity with Amazon Warehouse workers: Sign the Pledge.

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