July 2019

by on July 10, 2019

***URGENT: Sign EMERGENCY APPEAL for Mumia   / Oppose US-imposed sanctions  / SouthernWorkersAssembly: Support the Medicare for All Campaign / NYC Disability Pride /  PPA-NYC: Reconceptualizing Ghandi / LWC: Donate to #airthedirtylaundry / Durham: July Workers Assembly  / Venezuela  / PhilaNo war on migrants! No war on Iran!  / NYC: 15th Annual Trans Day of Action /  PeoplesMTA: Latest updates / Staten Island: Remember Eric Garner  / Phila: Sanctions Kill: Economic Warfare & The Migration / No raids! No wars! End the Wars at Home and Abroad! / 

July 13, 2019: Justice for Sandra Bland and all Black WomenFB Event

A Call for National Emergency Meetings on the Border Migrant Crisis: 

See the call / Get a flier.

Also “Prime Day” Solidarity with Amazon Warehouse workers: Sign the Pledge.

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