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Congratulations to every single person and organization that helped to make the 2013 Poor People’s Campaign March a tremendous success! For those who had the privilege of participating it was truly historical. For those of you who could not be there in person, but who sent your support and solidarity, you too were there in every one of our footsteps.
There is so much to write about that inspired us: the courageous delegation of women from Selma, Alabama, who drove the entire night — after their bus was cancelled — to be able to speak in defense of voting rights, their rendition of Freedom Songs kept us marching and marching; the young children and participants with disabilities, seniors who walked with canes, who wouldn’t stop; the families and victims of police terror, especially the tenacious and spirited group who came from the Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition in Oakland, California; the group of occupy youth and members of Guitarmy who marched all night; the organizers like Bob Ross, Prince Georges County NAACP head, who helped keep the march going; the OUR Walmart workers who inspired marchers to defy Walmart bosses and County Police and set up a picket right at the Super Walmart’s doors.
We wanted to especially thank Don Cash Sr., president of the UFCW Minority Coalition, Dr. Steele, national SCLC leader, Deittra Lucas and our sisters and brothers of UFCW Local 400, who continuously lent their support. We also need to recognize USW Local 8751, Boston school bus drivers, whose donations and support made it possible for the poor of Rhode Island and Boston to come by bus and attend. We must also include the many groups from NYC, North Carolina, Philadelphia and many other places who joined with us on that special weekend.
But the biggest inspiration came from the people themselves, of Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington D.C. who stood in their doorways and streets, opened their windows, and who cheered us and even joined us – making it clear that the issue of poverty is out of the closet and that igniting Rev. King’s dream is an idea whose time has come.

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