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Demand the 5000 CEO’s
At The World Business Forum
Support $15 An Hour and the Right to A UNION.

On October 7 and 8 the biggest world meeting of top corporate executives in 2014 will take place at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. More than 5000 CEO’s including most of the heads of the fortune 500 corporations are scheduled to attend the World Business Forum. Those attending the World Business Forum are the most privileged, richest, and powerful, elite 1% who have not hesitated to fire millions of workers, bust labor unions, destroy the ecology of the planet, and pay workers as low as possible in order to maximize corporate profits. On Oct. 8 many of us will be demonstrating in front of the World Business Forum to demand that people and workers needs come before corporate greed.


Text of Petition:

CEOs Attending World Business Forum: Support $15 and a Union!

TO: The 5000 CEOs attending the World Business Forum in New York

We the undersigned demand that attendees at the World Business Forum publicly support an increase in the national minimum wage to no less than $15 dollars and hour.

We also demand that attendees at the World Business Forum publicly support the right of all workers, especially low-wage workers to unionize.

Furthermore, we demand that a low-wage worker involved in the fight for low-wage workers rights be invited to speak to a full session of the World Business Forum.


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