People’s Assembly Forum – Raleigh, NC

by on September 15, 2016


People’s Assembly Forum

Sat, Sept 17, 2016 / 3 – 6pm
 6317 Angus Drive, Raleigh


Join the Triangle Unity May Day Coalition for a forum to discuss, plan, and take action to begin to build for a broader series of People’s Assemblies before and after the 2016 elections.


The coalition originally convened to plan a demonstration for May Day — International Workers Day — and has since solidified itself as a broad coalition to build solidarity in action and take up the task to build a deeper alliance of left and progressive forces in the Triangle beyond.

The forum will discuss many of the most pressing struggles of the day that Triangle Unity May Day Coalition members and others are engaged in — Black Lives Matter and the fight against police repression and prisons; the struggle for justice for immigrants and migrants; the Fight for $15 and unions; quality public education; women’s and LGBTQ movements; environmental racism;  workers rights; the struggle against Islamophobia; and much more.

We hope to build solidarity and unity in action, and to do some strategic mapping and planning at this forum to make our local fightbacks and resistance more powerful as we challenge the powers that be.

We believe that a broader and larger People’s Assembly building trend can help all of our various local struggles become much more of a success in bringing together all our collective issues, demands into a Peoples Assembly platform based on these struggles.

The Peoples Assembly is not a one time event, but a “united front coalition” organizing  method and process for  nurturing our political power to unify our many allies and target our common enemies in a more strategic way.

*Childcare provided! Please email if you will need childcare*

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