No to Racist Trump & His Media Megaphone

by on December 9, 2015



Shut down Trump in NYCApril 14, 2016. FB Event. More Details.
**Also April 14:  Justice for Akai Gurley. FB Event.

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(**Feb 2016: The issue still remains & it’s a lot more than just Trump! Please read text below and here.)

All Out Dec 20, 2015: 2pm;

Trump Tower / FB Event

Spread the word / Take action in your area
**FLASH:Trump Interrupted in No Carolina
***Teamster Local says No to Trump: Click here.


Today we face the most extreme national and international crisis since 9/11. This is a crisis that can quickly expand.
The time is now to focus on Trump and the corporate media. Trump is inciting violence, filling stadiums with racist, bigoted mobs and mobilizing them into an ominous force.

The media is acting as giant megaphone, providing constant coverage of fascist proposals like a national database and ID cards for Muslims, causing vicious attacks on immigrants and refugees, and all the while justifying new wars, vastly increased police violence and publicizing the most disgusting racism.

The shooting of five Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis, the deadly shooting at the Colorado Planned Parenthood, the attacks on Mosques and the Muslims pulled off of flights, desperate refugees barred from entering the U.S., the vicious anti-immigrant slurs and escalating police killings – all are a result of a poisoned political climate that encourages fascist violence.

From the Middle East to East Europe to Asia Pacific, the Pentagon is moving in the direction of wider war. Racism, fear of immigrants and anti-Muslim bigotry is being used to justify new crimes.

This is not an election issue. It is clear now that Trump and his corporate supporters are trying to actually build a fascist movement.

Whenever fascism rears its ugly head, it is the duty of all progressive forces to unite in struggle and solidarity against it.

This is an urgent time to bring together all those who fight for justice and human rights in a powerful show of unity and solidarity. All out Dec 20! Fight racism, Islamaphobia & immigrant bashing in your area! No war! Black Lives Matter!

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