National Call In Day for #TravyonsLaw!

by on July 24, 2013

 July 23, 2013

National Call In Day for #TravyonsLaw!

Please join the Dream Defenders, who have been sitting in the FL capitol for NINE DAYS now, to pass #TrayvonsLaw, by calling Governor Rick Scott to demand he call a special session of the legislate to enact Trayvon’s Law, repealing Stand Your Ground, banning racial profiling, and ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

call the session

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Call Script:

Hello, my name is _______ and I’m calling from ________. As a citzen of Florida/the nation, I am calling to say that I stand with the Dream Defenders and youth across Florida. I am concerned that the verdict in the Zimmerman trial indicates a failure to value the lives of all Floridians. I am asking Gov. Scott to call a special session of the legislature and urge to enact Trayvon’s Law.

Sample Tweets:

  1. Phone @FLGovScott & tell him to #CalltheSession (850)488-7146 #Trayvonslaw #TakeoverFL @DreamDefenders
  2. Call @FLGovScott (850)488-7146 & stand your ground against #standyourground! #Trayvonslaw #TakeoverFL
  3. Phone @FLGovScott to say #CalltheSession of legislation! (850)488-7146 #Trayvonslaw #TakeoverFL
  4. Support @DreamDefenders & tell @FLGovScott to #Callthe Session for #TrayvonsLaw #TakeoverFL

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