by on January 7, 2015
**Urgent: PPA statement on shooting of Brooklyn police (Espanol)

Continue to Reclaim the rebellious spirit of Dr. King & the movement that raised him.  


See Resources for placards

Jan. 15: Day of mass resistance on actual date of birthday; Especially Peoples Power STRIKE AGAINST RACISMNo business as usual – Shut It down: Walk Out! Sick out! Don’t Go IN! FacebookEvent, NYC & Balt Local listings. Other actions on Fergusonresponse & FA/actions.
Jan. 18: Day of reflection with special emphasis on faith-based outreach.
Jan. 19: Day of direct and mass actions on the King holiday.  See esp. fergusonresponse for complete listing.

Let’s Make 2015 a “Year of Resistance” for Black Lives.

Continue the uprising: For future actions & reports & videos of past actions (from around the country), see esp: Fight Police Terror drop down, PPA FB & PPA FB Event. See also FergusonAction & FergusonResponseNetwork. Don’t miss the “I Can’t Breathe” anthem. Scroll down or see right side bars for other issues (Low Wage Workers; Water is a Right, etc.)

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