Justice for Family of Noel Aguilar

by on January 7, 2016

Demand Justice for Family of Noel Aguilar
Demonstrate Against Racist Killer Cops   

January 16th at 1 pm
299 E Artesia Blvd in Long Beach
  Video Confirms Execution by Compton Sheriffs  

Protest called by:Young Survivors Legacy Support Network,
Black Lives Matter – Long Beach, Youth Justice Coalition

Noel Aguilar was killed by cops in May of 2014. For his ‘crime’ of riding his bicycle while wearing headphones he was given the ultimate sentence  – murder by cops.
Now a video has surfaced that reveals exactly how it happened. Two cops wrestled him to the ground, one cop shot the other cop, and then both cops shot Noel to death to cover up their blundering and deadly behavior. In the last moments of his life Joel yelled that he didn’t shoot anyone and didn’t have a gun.

Along with the Sandra Blands, Walter Scotts, Tamir Rices of the world, this is one more racist outrage that can’t go unanswered!

Activists from We Charge Genocide – L.A. and Peoples Power Assemblies will be leaving from the Harriet Tubman Center, 5278 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles at 11:45 sharp to join with family and other activists at the demonstration. If you want to go and can offer rides, or if you need a ride (no guarantees but if we can fit you in we will,) please call 323 306-6240. If you’re going on your own, the location is Eddie’s Liquor, 299 E Artesia Blvd in Long Beach and it’s at 1 pm.


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