Your donations urgently needed – Join the freedom walk! Poor Peoples March

Your donations urgently needed – Join the freedom walk! Poor Peoples March

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Dear Sisters & Brothers, 

The 2013 Poor Peoples’ Campaign March needs your help!
As it is often said, “freedom isn’t free.”
The 2013 Poor Peoples’ Campaign has humble origins.  It began as a response to the growing problem of police terror, joblessness, low wage jobs and poverty in Baltimore City.  But it has mushroomed over night and people are responding not only across the country but even as far away as union workers in Bangladesh.   
A bus of poor people and school bus drivers from Boston and New England have pulled together their resources to join an idea whose time has come, reviving the dream that Dr. King fought for. 
Another bus is coming from Selma, Alabama organized by the National Coalition of Leaders to Save Section 5 who has taken on the urgent task of defending voting rights.  Youth have responded from the Occupy movement and are organizing to bring cars and vans. Local labor councils and OUR Walmart workers are marching.
The families and friends of the victims of police killings in Oakland from the Alan Blueford Family and the Oscar Grant movement have sacrificed to fly to Baltimore and will participate for the full weekend.
All of these different forces are united around one goal and that is to ignite the movement for justice and to come out of this weekend with serious plans.
We thank all those who have already donated.  But we still urgently need funds to help us pay for the portable toilets required by the D.C. Parks Dept., to provide support vehicles for the growing number of Marchers, to help with the cost of food and water, tents and many other needed supplies.
We know that many cannot walk with us.  Some of you live too far away, or are hearing of this for the first time.  But you can still be a part of this history. 
We cannot let this historic year for the civil rights movement be merely symbolic.  As good as it is for PBS documentaries to expound on this important history – it is our job to breathe life into it – and to allow it to inspire us to finish what Dr. King started out to build.
In solidarity,
Rev. CD Witherspoon, President Baltimore SCLC and representative of the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly
P.S.  If you would prefer to send a check or money order please make out to Solidarity Center and send to 703 E. 37th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. 
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M.L. King and Poor Peoples Campaign


Initiated by: Baltimore Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the People’s Power Assembly 

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