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July 2016: AWA Statement: Yes, ALL Cops: Supporting the Oppressed against the Police

The Appalachian Workers Alliance stands uncompromisingly with the current movements of the people against the systemic police brutality and murder of Black and Brown men and women. These modern lynchings are not acts of isolated “bad apples,” but are instead the institutionalized practice. The police are the foot soldiers of national and racial oppression in the United States. The origins of the police are as slave catchers and strike breakers. Their function is to protect the status quo, no matter how unjust it is, and the status quo is anti-working class and white supremacist… Read the rest. Click here for some History on the police.


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This strike is a part of an upsurge in working class and oppressed peoples’ actions and movements: Black Lives Matter, last year’s USW oil workers strike, the UAW Kohler strike, Wisconsin’s “Day Without Latinos”, the Chicago Teachers Union strike, and the Fight for $15 and a union movement of low-wage workers to name a few. A victory for the CWA and IBEW will be yet another boost that helps all workers that are fighting for justice in the workplace. Onward to victory!
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-Current: Jimmy Johns struggle: If you have been wronged as an employee by the Jimmy Johns franchise located in Morgantown, contact us via email today with your story /

February 22, 2016, five members of the Morgantown branch of the Appalachian Workers Alliance peacefully delivered a set of three demands to the on-duty manager of the Morgantown Jimmy Johns located on 405 High Street. The letter was delivered on behalf of former and current employees who have been routinely denied legally mandated breaks in defiance of state and/or federal labor law. One employee in particular was terminated for requesting his allotted break period, after suffering the berating of the manager in question, which included misogynistic and pejorative language that is unbecoming of a respectable work environment. To the right is part of the letter delivered to the on-duty manager at 5:15 PM.

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January 13, 2016: RALLY- Stop the War on Working Families –  FB Event

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Appalachian Workers Alliance Denounces Right to Work
Right to Work undermines labor rights; based on racist policy for the benefit of business interests

West Virginia, January 13, 2016:  The Appalachian Workers Alliance wholeheartedly condemns the right wing push to institute so-called Right to Work legislation into state law. Right to Work is nothing less than a thinly veiled attempt to gut the power of unions to fight for better wages, benefits, and safer working conditions for working people. We recognize the racist history of Right to Work legislation and its effects on workers of color. The gutting of union rights stands as a means for business to arbitrarily discriminate against and fire marginalized groups including people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and women among numerous others. We therefore stand shoulder to shoulder with the AFL-CIO’s call to action and encourage all West Virginians to come out in solidarity with labor against this injustice.

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