Stop the Outrage – Free Clarence Moses el, NOW!

Incredible: On Monday, Dec 14, 2015, Clarence Moses el, the wrongfully imprisoned man in prison since 1988, had his conviction overturned and a new trial ordered! But now his bail hearing has been postponed.
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He is an innocent man who was convicted because of a dream, had the DNA evidence that would have exonerated him destroyed 4 weeks after his attorneys won a court order to have it tested. The investigating officer gave a sworn statement as to his doubts that Clarence was responsible and there has been a confession from LC Jackson, who was initially named by the victim and the confession was heard in court this fall at a hearing for this new piece of evidence and this is one of the reasons the conviction was overturned by the judge.  Yet, still, DA Mitch Morrisey refuses to drop the case.

Show your support, demand that the DA’s office do the right thing so that an innocent man can return home.

Call 720-913-9000, or email  Free Clarence Moses el.

Read the whole story below, first posted 12/6/2014. / Get his address & write to him:

Clarence Moses el has been in prison since 1987, when he was sentenced to 48 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. He has maintained his innocence since the beginning. The three people originally identified as suspects by the victim were never arrested nor were they ever questioned.

One of those identified, L.C. Jackson, has since confessed to having committed the crime for which Clarence Moses el was convicted. The letter that he wrote to Moses el, asking that his attorney be sent to interview him, begins with, “I really don’t know what to say to you. But let’s start by bringing what was done in the dark into the light. I have a lot on my heart.”

Jackson, who is in prison for raping a woman and her 9-year=old daughter, details the incident and the brutal assault against the victim.

However, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey refuses to reopen the case.

Clarence Moses el has experienced a number of setbacks in his quest to prove his innocence. Over the years of his imprisonment, he has won the support of the Innocence Project and attorney Barry Scheck. who won a court order to have DNA evidence tested. Although marked in a box labeled “DO NOT DESTROY,” the DNA evidence was thrown into a dumpster by the Denver Police Department.

Moses el’s request for a new trial because of the destroyed evidence was denied by a judge based on a Supreme Court decision in Youngblood v. Arizona, which held that the destruction of evidence favorable to the defendant is not grounds for a new trial unless the defendant can prove that the state acted in bad faith. This is an almost impossible burden for any defendant to meet, as it requires the defense to prove the state of mind of the prosecutors or police who were involved in the evidence’s destruction.

The detective originally involved with the case, James Huff, who died a few years ago, stated about the conviction, “I always have had doubts about this. I could never prove it either way,” and “This is one of those cases where I really wish there was DNA.” Ironically, he was also the detective responsible for the destruction of the evidence.

Moses el also received support from the late Colorado Sen. Ken Gordon, who pushed for a new investigation based on the destroyed evidence.

On January 23rd, a hearing on the new evidence, the confession by L.C. Jackson, will be heard and could lead to the legal process to free Clarence Moses el.

Numerous articles have been written highlighting the injustice committed against Moses el, who has spent almost half his life in a cell, but has remained resolute and defiant. See articles by Susan Greene and Miles Moffeit, from the Denver Post and the Colorado Independent. See by Larry Hales in Workers World.

It is time for Clarence Moses el to be freed. He is an innocent man. Demand that District Attorney. Mitch Morrissey do the right thing and set him free.

Write to Clarence Moses el at:

Mr. Clarence Moses el
Register Number 60183
Bent County Correctional Facility
11560 Road FF75
Las Animas, CO 81054-9573

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