Stop Veolia Union Busting! Hands Off Boston School Bus Union 5!


Stand in Solidarity with USW Local 8751, the Boston School Bus Drivers’ Union, in its struggle to stop the union-busting corporation Veolia Transportation in its illegal attack on the union’s members, leadership and contract. 

On Monday, Oct. 28th, Veolia has planned a disciplinary hearing, threatening to terminate 5 of USW Local 8751’s elected officers.  In Boston, join the protest at Veolia in Dorchester from 1:30 PM on to demand, “Veolia:  Hands Off the School Bus Union 5!” – Grievance Chair Steve Kirschbaum, Recording Secretary Andre Francois, Vice President Steve Gillis, Steward Garry Murchison and Steward Rick Lynch.

Since day one of taking over the Boston school bus management contract on July 1, 2013, Veolia has committed numerous Unfair Labor Practices, violated nearly every term and condition of the drivers’ employment contract, and engaged in actions designed to steal literally millions of dollars from drivers’ paychecks.  In the process, Veolia has sacrificed student safety on the altar of profit, among other things creating routes designed by GPS-based software that result in massive lateness to school and to home, and refusing to pay drivers for all their time worked.

On October 8th, when drivers engaged in a legally protected protest of Veolia’s unfair labor practices, Veolia wrongly called the police and forcibly removed the drivers, illegally locking the gates and refusing to let the drivers back in to work.  Boston Mayor Menino and Veolia then targeted 5 officers of Local 8751 for termination, which disciplinary hearing is scheduled for Monday, October 28th.

Boston School Bus Drivers Union Local 8751 exemplifies what a labor union should be.  Not only has its members been successful in winning living wages, benefits and unprecedented contract language, this local is willing to extend real solidarity to other workers whenever possible. This union has fought racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, every war since the 1970's and practiced solidarity with all workers struggles inside and outside of union organizations.

This union-busting action by Veolia Transportation is outrageous.  Solidarity is not a crime.  Standing up with the members’ for their rights is not a crime.  All of labor needs to stand up and say, “We will join ranks to ensure that Veolia’s crime will not succeed, in Boston or any of its world-wide operations.”

Veolia:  “Hands Off the Boston School Bus Union 5!”

Stop the attacks on USW Local 8751!

How you can support the Boston School Bus Union 5:

1. Contact: 

  • Veolia General Manager Alex Roman III: 617-780-4840;
  • Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino: 617.635.4500,, Fax 617.635.2851
  • and John McDonough, Interim Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools 617-635-9050,, fax 617-635-9059. 

Tell them “Honor the School Bus Drivers Contract! Hand off Local 8751 leaders!”

Send copies to the Committee to Defend the School Bus Union 5  at

2. Hold a solidarity activity, if possible at a Veolia location near you, or.

Come to Boston and Rally outside Veolia’s corporate offices during the disciplinary hearings against the 5!

 1:30pm – 8pm (Come after work!), Monday, October 28, 35 Freeport Way, Dorchester

3. Send solidarity letters and resolutions to the Committee to Defend the School Bus Union 5 at

4. Send your endorsement of the Committee to Defend the School Bus Union 5 to

5.  Donate to the support fund. (account being set up.. find Team Solidarity on facebook at for more info)

download pdf of flyer


download pdf of atu 1181 solidarity letter