Stand with Verizon Workers

by on May 4, 2016

-Verizon Victory big for ALL workers! Click here


-All out June 2, 2016 National Day of Action



This strike is a part of an upsurge in working class & oppressed peoples’ actions & movements: Shut down Trump, Stand against Islamophobia & immigrant bashing, Black Lives Matter, No to anti-trans laws, last year’s USW oil workers strike, the UAW Kohler strike, Wisconsin’s “Day Without Latinos,” the Chicago Teachers Union strike, the incredible Boston school bus drivers’ victory, the Fight-for-$15-&-a-union movement of low-wage workers, to name a few. A victory for the CWA and IBEW will be yet another boost that helps all workers that are fighting for justice in the workplace & society. Onward to victory! Our greatest weapon is Solidarity. This strike is about all of us!

**Some things you can do:


-Join a picket line: See ;

-All out June 2, 2016 National Day of Action

-Honk when you pass striking workers

-Verizon Strike Fact Sheet

-Background: Workers Fight Back ; Garner Solidarity ; Stay Strong as solidarity Grows ; more

-Conversation with strikers on WRFG Labor Forum ;

-Sample Solidarity Statements:  Southern Workers Assembly ; Appalachian Workers Alliance ; Boston School Bus Drivers USWA Local 8751 ;



-Don’t Cross the

virtual Picket Line



**May 21, 2016: Family & Kids Rally

Brooklyn NY



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