Oct8 & LA July 19, 2014

by on June 17, 2014

National Action: Fight the 1%

World Business Forum Oct 8

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*Organizing Meeting for the PROTEST at the WORLD BUSINESS FORUM
WED ►AUG 6 @ 6:30 pm
147 West 24th St., Second Floor, NY
(Between 6th & 7th Ave • Near 23rd St subway stations)
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Describing itself as the “the biggest business event of the year” THE WORLD BUSINESS FORUM will bring some 5000 chief executive officers, and heads of the fortune 500 multi-billion dollar transnational corporations and banks to Radio City Music Hall in October. This is the invasion of the 1%. They make the decisions that fire workers, bust unions, and keep the wages that ordinary workers take home as low as possible. We will be there to say “No Way: Workers Need $15 & a union.”  Call 212-633-6646 or FaceBook.

FLASH: LA TIMES: Activists pitch L.A. ballot measure for citywide $15 minimum wage 

Citywide Los Angeles Workers Assembly!

Follow up Organizers Meeting August 9 – 3 PM. More info.
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For more info, call 323-306-6240


Speak out & testify: Can you survive on your pay? Missing hours in your pay check? Working part time & want full time? Facing racism on the job or harassed because you are a woman or LGBTQ or because of immigrant status? Join us to July 19, 2014.

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