Justice for Freddie Grey! NOW!

by on April 23, 2015

***STAND WITH THE BALTIMORE REBELLION – Emergency Appeal from Baltimore PPA: Take Action NOW to Demand Amnesty for arrestees, Justice for Freddie Grey. Stop demonizing our Black working-class youth! To Donate, get Background, click here.

***National Day of Action: SHUT IT DOWN FOR FREDDIE GREY ON MAY DAY:  THE CALLFB EventFerguson Response Network


WHEN: Sunday, April 26, 2015 6 P.M.
WHERE:  At Central Booking/ City Jail, corner Fallsway & Madison Streets

FB Event

The Peoples Power Assembly and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference are holding an emergency picket line today at Central Booking to demand the release of approximately 34 arrestees at yesterday’s protests both downtown at the Western District.

We are calling for amnesty for all arrested youth.  Both organizations are organizing legal and political support for all those arrested.  A special hotline has been set up by attorneys and legal workers who were active in Ferguson.

Sharon Black, a spokesperson for the PPA and SCLC, stated, “We want immediate amnesty for the 34 arrestees.  These youth are being scapegoated for the justified frustration and anger they feel.” Contact person:  Sharon Black 410-218-4835

****FLASH: Baltimore: Justice 4 Freddie Grey Citywide Protest – No Business as Usual!

Saturday, April 25. 1pm. Riggs & Mount Sts., Balt.  FB Event.

Please use button below to donate to support this action (making fliers, posters, publicizing).


Call for Nationwide actions on May 2, 2015 forthcoming. 


Short Background:

On April 12, a 25-year-old Black man was harassed and eventually killed by the Baltimore City Police Department. His name was Freddie Grey, and although the exact details of his death remain unclear, what happened to him is no mystery. The circumstances surrounding his death are especially appalling and illustrate the brutal, racist nature of the police under capitalism.

Cell phone video from a nearby witness clearly shows Grey laying on the sidewalk, screaming in pain while three police officers drag him to his feet and into a police van.

The woman recording the video is heard exclaiming that Grey’s leg looks broken. In addition, his head is hanging, not in a natural position. The police show no concern for his well-being, and it has been reported that he was additionally restrained inside the van.

After Grey was in the van, there are conflicting accounts of what happened next. Originally it was claimed that he was taken to the Western District police station before an ambulance was called for him. Later, the police claimed that they took him straight to a hospital.

Regardless of the exact timeline of events, Grey’s lawyer reported that by the time Grey was in the hospital, three of his vertebrae were broken and his spine was 80 percent severed.

The Baltimore Police Department inflicted these obscene wounds, which caused Grey to fall into a coma soon after the incident. On April 19, Freddie Grey was dead.

On the day before he died, protests were held at the Western District police station to demand accountability for what at the time was a case of brutal police assault but not yet murder. Grey’s death on April 19 only raised the level of anger in the community, and hundreds of people took to the streets of Baltimore to protest yet another death at the hands of the police. Since then, protests have not stopped, and they are expected to continue.

Justice for Freddie Grey! Fight police terror!

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