July 2018

by on June 29, 2018

***FIRE: Protest the National Security Homeland Conference in NYC: FBEvent. / Solidarity with SLC arrested  ICE protesters. (scroll down)
NYC: July PPA Disability Pride Contingent; Sandra Bland action / Balt: Commemorate Charlottesville & Unite to Fight White Supremacy / Phila:  Move-9 40 year commemoration  /  Southern Fightback: NoCar Needs Unions + Town Hall Report Back/  NYC-LWC: Laundromat Report Launch

**Join Nationwide Efforts:  Put FIRE to ICE: Intro /

Statements (Eng & Espanol) / Donate /  FaceBook

July 13, 2018: Justice for Sandra Bland & all Black Women. FB event.

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