Flint: Get the lead out!

by on February 8, 2016

People around the country (and world) continue to be outraged about the unfolding situation in Flint. The more details that are revealed, the greater the anger!

-GET INFORMED ARTICLES: GET THE LEAD OUT! (background on the outrage) / Solidarity brings water to Flint / Flint water crisis grows: State, GM give no assistance / 

-TAKE ACTION: Pass a resolution in your union or other group (see below) / NAACP 20 Point Program

Come to an action. (Please let us know of anything planned in your area. info@peoplespowerassemblies.org)
-Los Angeles, Feb 25, 2016: 5pm: From East LA to Flint MI: Protest Environmental RacismFB Event.
People’s Power Assembly Demands Reparations for Flint,
Make GM Pay! Stop Privatization of Public Services!
End Environmental Racism!


Feb 21, 2016: NYC: The People’s Power Assemblies are calling an action on Malcolm X Day in solidarity with the people in Flint, Michigan. FB Event.

We demand the arrest of Governor Rick Snyder and that the state and federal governments immediately address the daily needs of the Flint community and replace the damaged water infrastructure. The wealthiest country in the world has more than enough resources to resolve this crisis. Racism and austerity politics are the only reasons Flint’s water was poisoned in the first place, and the only reasons it’s still poisoned now.  Let’s build a coalition to build for Feb 21!

Feb 19, 2016: Baltimore, MD: 5pm. FB Event.

Jail Snyder and his cronies! Replace the pipes! Rebuild Flint! Reparations now! Make the Feds declare a disaster! Make GM & the banks pay! Get lead out of Baltimore! Peoples will be protesting in Flint and around the country. In Baltimore we will be standing in solidarity with the people of Flint on the same day that the people of Flint will be marching.

Fri, Feb 19, 2016: Rebuild Flint march & Rally.11am in Flint. More info.

Carpooling from Detroit:: Gather at 9am at 5920 Second Ave., Detroit (2 blocks north of WSU). Cars will depart for Flint at 9:30am. There is no guarantee of a ride.

Also, the Detroit Light Brigade and the Social Bustice are going back to Flint to stand with the residents to demand justice! They will be leaving Detroit at 8:15 am. The march starts at 11am! There is space for 9 people. Please call 313-704-5150 if you want to go.


Feb 10, 2016: Protest to Demand GM pay Flint $4 billion – FB Event

One entity has been notably silent about the Lead Water Poisoning Scandal in Flint: General Motors Corporation. It was GM’s mass plant closings that were responsible for the financial destruction of Flint, which led to the city being placed under Emergency Management with the disastrous consequences that followed. It was decades of pollution by GM that made the Flint River the toxic cesspool it is today. GM announced $9.7 billion in profits for 2015. It’s time for General Motors to pay its debt to the people of Flint. Initiated by Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs. Call 313-680-5508 for more information.


(Edited version of text below was passed by Local 10 ILWU, San Fransisco)

WHEREAS, the drinking water in Flint, Michigan has been poisoned with lead ever since the decision was made more than a year ago to use the contaminated Flint River as the source of drinking water; and
WHEREAS, it has now been revealed that Michigan Governor Snyder’s administration has known about Flint’s severe water problems for more than a year but, lied to residents that the water was safe; and
WHEREAS, the deaths and permanent damage from this disaster to tens of thousands of Flint’s predominantly black residents, especially children, is the latest tragic consequence of the nationwide austerity campaign that uses budget cutting as justification for shredding the social safety net and leaving the nation’s infrastructure to decay;
WHEREAS, failure to act decisively now can only lead to more man-made, intentional public health crises (such as the three-month-old and ongoing methane leak near Porter Ranch in Los Angeles County, already the worst fossil fuel disaster since the BP Deepwater Horizon and with no end in sight);
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Local 10 holds Michigan Governor Snyder accountable for the Flint disaster and calls for a federal investigation to bring criminal charges against him and that he be suspended from office immediately pending its outcome;
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Darnell Earley, the Flint emergency manager when Flint switched its drinking water source to the poisoned Flint River water, also be a subject of federal criminal investigation, and that he be immediately removed from his position as emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools (the position to which Snyder promoted him in 2015) so that he can do no further harm to the children of Michigan;
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Local 10 calls for a national emergency public works program to inspect and safeguard the water supply, the air, and the infrastructure, and that following the completion off this emergency phase, the program be expanded into a massive public works program to restore and expand essential social services, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, and provide jobs at good union wages and conditions for millions;
AND FINALLY BE IT RESOLVED THAT upon approval, this motion will be taken to the San Francisco Labor Council and the California State Federation of Labor. <draft>

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