Baltimore Needs Our Help –
Amnesty for Jailed Youth

by on April 28, 2015

An Emergency Appeal from the Baltimore People’s Power Assembly

Demand Justice for Freddie Grey – Indict, Convict & Jail Killer Police!


Over 300 people have been arrested in Baltimore since April 25.  The first arrests took place after the Saturday protests that spilled into the night both in downtown Baltimore and at the Western District Police Station.  Police donned riot gear and charged into young protesters both downtown and in West Baltimore.  In the neighborhood where Freddie Grey was murdered police chased youth, formed police phalanxes that swept streets and clubbed people.

Following the funeral of Freddie Grey, youth again poured into the streets.  Last night hundreds more were arrested.

We have yet to find out the extent of the charges that many of these youth are being held on.  Legal support is being organized, and slowly youth are being released.  At this moment, the majority remain in jail.


It is most important that we stand in solidarity with these young people and that we demand amnesty and their release from jail.

The anger, pent-up frustration, and rage that many people across this country have witnessed on their television screens is based on decades of racist abuse and neglect in communities all across Baltimore.

It is about police terror.  It is also about unemployment and low wages, decaying housing and lack of services.  Just two weeks ago, prior to Freddie Grey’s murder, the city announced water shut-offs to 25,000 households.

The Baltimore People’s Power Assembly, which has been organizing against police terror for many years, has heard first-hand accounts from youths as young as 12 years old that have been handcuffed and driven around in police cruisers, terrorized and then released.  Women have spoken to us about sexual assaults by police.  Beatings and shake downs are common.

Freddie Grey is not the first victim of police murder in this mostly Black city.  His name is added to a long list of victims:  Tyrone West, Darin Hutchins, Anthony Anderson, George King, Maurice Johnson and many others.

We cannot allow the city, police or media to divide us.  We cannot equate property damage with the loss of human life.  Freddie Grey cannot be brought back to his family or friends; a window can be repaired.


The Baltimore People’s Power Assembly, whose organizers have lived in this city for decades, welcome all those who want to come to Baltimore in solidarity with the people.  We understand that police terror and structural racism is a national problem and that it is not confined just to our city.

The Baltimore Police Department and Mayor have used the “outside agitator” card to distract attention from the real issue of indicting, convicting and jailing the six police who killed Freddie Grey.  If the Mayor is indeed worried about “outsiders” then get the cops out of the community, the majority who do not live in the city and who constitute a virtual occupation army.  We say tell Governor Hogan to withdraw the State Police who he has deployed.

Please call Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at 410-396-4900, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts at 410-396-2020 and State’s Attorney Scott D. Schellenberger at 410-887-6600 to demand:

— Justice for Freddie Grey – indict, convict, and jail killer police.

— In this crucial hour, we demand full amnesty for all arrestees, their release from jail, and an end to police repression and arrests.

For those who would like to contribute to the struggle for justice, we have set up two pay pal accounts:

One for general protest expenses which include flyers, posters, banners, food, water and other supplies:  click

And a special legal defense fund:

2011 Charles St.  Baltimore 21218   443-221-3775

*Please note that the Baltimore Peoples Assembly is using the spelling “Grey” in respect for Freddie Carlos Grey, who spelled his name with an “e” and the many friends and family in the community who have confirmed this.

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