PPA Local Meeting Info

New York City:
NYC PPA meets every Wed; 6:30pm; Solidarity Center; 147 West 24th St 2nd floor; NYC; 212-633-6646. Also see NYC PPA Local Actions


Baltimore: We Deserve Better Workers Assembly & Baltimore PPA: monthly organizing meeting; 1st Wed of every month; 7 pm; 2011 N. Charles Street, Baltimore; 410-218-4835. Facebook.


Los Angeles:  Call 323-306-6240 or email LAWorkersAssembly@gmail.com. Facebook. Also see LA-Fightback.

International Action Center, 5278 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

Detroit: Moratorium-MI has weekly organizer meetings every Mon; 7 pm; 5920 Second Ave.(near Antoinette), Detroit; Accessible ramp at side entrance; 313-680-5508, 248-470-0296 ; email: moratorium@moratorium-mi.org


Other locations: See the Right Side bar on Home page (“Build Peoples Power”). The local contact info (especially from a Facebook link) should have meeting times/locations.