Stand with Verizon workers/Dump Trump

by on May 4, 2016

**URGENTOccupy the PGA 2016 – Support Rev. Pinkney, & much more  / NYC: LWC Titlanice Liberation Day / Flint: Get the lead out: background-facts / Justice for Akai Gurley FB /  Balt: See PPA-FB for exciting recent actions & plans / May Day 2016 / Detroit: Moratorium on water shut-offs & tax foreclosures

Stand with the Verizon workers

Part of an upsurge in working class & oppressed peoples’ actions & movements, this strike is about all of us. Solidarity is our greatest weapon! Click here for more Details, Actions to take, Background, Solidarity Statements.

Defeat Trump in the streets!

**Whenever fascism rears its ugly head, it is the duty of all progressive forces to unite in struggle and solidarity against it.
This is an urgent time to bring together all those who fight for justice & human rights in a powerful show of unity & solidarity. Read more.

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