Stand with Baltimore, NOW!

by on May 11, 2015

Still Urgent: Mumia Update / Analysis: Connecting the LWW & BLM movementsPolice use new tactic to divide BLM movement / Report from April 2 Peoples TribunalYoutube / Detroit: Unite the Fight against Tax Foreclosures & Water Shutoffs! / LA:  Sign the Petition, Take action: Drop All Charges on Police Brutality Protesters /  Material Basis of BLM Movement

***FLASH: Organizer’s car shot up: FB

Stand with Baltimore:

-1) People’s Tribunal Reportback. FB Event.
-2) Sign & spread the PETITION: Amnesty for Baltimore Youth – Justice for Freddie Grey.
-3) Donate: support ongoing actions (making fliers, posters, publicizing).


-4) See Youtubes of struggle: PVN-May 1 & 2 ; May Day action
-5) Read articles: Rebellion forces charges against police ; Liberators not looters

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