Roanoke Peoples’ Power Network

We’re an independent working-class organization that seeks to build power in the streets, focused on the local struggles against poverty, White supremacy, LGBTQ oppression, sexism & state violence. 

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*Sat, May 19, 2018:

Preparing The Next Generation
FB event.

*June 12, 2018:  

Rally in Roanoke to Protect Jobs

FB Event.

-Roanoke, VA / May Day Movie Night: The Young Karl Marx;
May 1; 7pm; The Hope Center; FB Event.

**Special: Black History

Month Forum Feb 24

***Prisoner Solidarity Meeting
March 1, 2018 / Hope Center
FB Event

Help us build this all-volunteer network to connect those most affected by jails in Roanoke & Salem, uplift their voices, and organize to address issues re: jails and the (in)justice system in general.

Sept 30, 2017:

Fight White Supremacy: Reportbacks From Cville & Durham. FB Event.

**Labor Day 2017: Raise Up VA Strikes Back. See our FB Event.


***FLASH: Join us in Charlottesville, VA Aug 12, 2017, 9am; Justice Park;  DEFEND!!! See our FB masthead.

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