People’s Power Assemblies (PPA) organizes to empower workers and oppressed people to demand jobs, education & healthcare while fighting against racist police terror, sexism, LGBTQ and ableist oppression.

March 2017

by on March 2, 2017

Michigan Peoples Defense Network: urgent need for Solidarity with Immigrants /

Balt PPA Mar 23: Night of the SpokenWord /  NYC: Apr 1: Black Lives Matter! End Trump and DeBlasio’s War on Black People /  See others below

Other march actions: Detroit:  Counter-demonstration against “March 4 Trump”Protest Bankers’ & Corporations’ Continued Looting of Detroit // NYC: March 4 Standing Rock // Continue #NODAPL // Balt: Strike & March March 8th for IWD // NYC: Mar 11: Women in Rebellion! To Resist is Justified! Unite to Fight Trump! // NYC: Apr 1: Black Lives Matter! End Trump and DeBlasio’s War on Black People // Michigan Peoples Defense Network: Resisting white supremacy & fascism everywhere // NYC: Borough Defense Committees // Phila: Mar 7: Women & Trans Women Fight Back!



Feb 2017

by on February 5, 2017
Support Our Freedom Fighters: Sign the PETITION TO DROP CHARGES on Jan 20 Trump Protesters

-Continue #NODAPL Solidarity
-Plan Now: IWWD (NYC, Balt)

-NYC: Here to Stay – No Nos Vamos


Dec 15, 2016

by on December 11, 2016

Raleigh NC: Help build Jan 28 People’s Assembly Mumia Wins Hep C Ruling but action needed / Standing Rock: Update ; Continue solidarity: #NoDAPL /  LA: Standing Rock Update / Detroit: Form Anti-Fascist Defense Committee, Bus to J20 / Phila: Jan 6 – Wheels on the Bus Fundraiser for J20 /  We WON:  Staples PO privatization stopped /  NYC PPA forming Borough Defense Committees /  Take action on MLK Day: NYC / Detroit !

**How to attend J20 in DC
**Get Involved: In DC, See/Post Local Action(s) / Labor Supports J20
**Baltimore: Jan 14 – 20, 2017: Week of Resistance: FB Event.


Nov 15, 2016

by on November 15, 2016

Trump protests sweep nation / From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock: 47th National Day of Mourning / NYC Nov 23: Staying Woke in Trumps America #2 / Phila Dec 9: Mumia & Hep C /  Continue support for Charlotte Uprising / ALL OUT TO Washington, DC: Jan 20, 2017 – Protest at Inauguration

**Dec 3 Actions: NYC: Protest White Supremacy / NoCar: Shut Down Trump & the KKK / Balt: Organize for Counter Inaugural Protests
Click #NoDAPL Solidarity & here for background / what you can do. Also Ways to Support 



Nov 2106

by on October 28, 2016

Stand with Standing Rock – see below / NYC PPA: Statement on the police & the future of our movement / Phila Dec 9: Mumia & Hep C / Continue support for Charlotte Uprising

CALL OUT BLACK DAY on Black Solidarity Day:


Mon 11/07/16

East Side: Marcus Garvey Park   FB Event
4 PM – Community Celebration
7 PM – NYC SHUT IT DOWN People’s Monday

Black Solidarity Day: established in 1969 for Black Americans to reflect on & discuss the election. More information.



STAND WITH STANDING ROCK:  #NoDAPL National Week of Action: Oct 25-31, 2016 / FB Event / Details – Background / Also


#SomosVisible: Take over GWB;
mass rally in Union Square; 
See Details

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