Jan 2016 Roundup

by on January 7, 2016
***URGENT: Plan actions to Protest Flint Water Crisis. NYC PPA  Feb 21, 2016 – Malcolm X Day. FB Event More info /  Baltimore Feb 19 /  Flint Feb 19 – Rebuild Flint March & Rally / Feb 10  Protest in DetroitDemand GM pay $4 billion / LA-Feb 25: Protest Environmental Racism / ***Flint: Get the lead out! (background, facts & actions)


Whenever fascism rears its ugly head, it is the duty of all progressive forces to unite in struggle and solidarity against it. Read More . (…and it isn’t just Trump!)

This is an urgent time to bring together all those who fight for justice and human rights in a powerful show of unity and solidarity. Fight racism, Islamaphobia & immigrant bashing in your area! No war! Black Lives Matter!

Jan 2016 Roundup: Nationwide Tamir Rice actions / Phila Jan 6: Support the Fort Dix 5 / Stop the ICE Raids (Jan 8: Make NYC an ICE-Free Zone)  / Jan 13: Appalachian Workers Alliance / LA Jan 16: Justice for Noel Aguilar / Detroit Jan 18: MLK Day March & Rally / Balt: Know Your Rights-Cop Watch / Balt Jan 16: MLK Justice 4 Housing Residents /  ^^^URGENT Balt Jan 24-25: Join the Peoples Emergency Snow Brigades

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