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by October 13, 2015

Resources from Baltimore  PPA: “Know Your Rights, Cop Watch Campaign”


NYC PPA Weekly Event/Action Update


***At present, best listing of local actions is NYC PPA Facebook. Upcoming Events/Actions as of May 15, 2019 …… -Also see PPA FB ;  Also Take Action NYC  / Back to NYC Local Actions. Recurring: Every Wed, 6:30 – NYC PPA – Solidarity Center // Every Monday, 7-10pm–People’s Monday – check FB page for location. ** Borough Defense […]


URGENT: Sign-on to Prisoner Treatment Appeal

by October 2, 2015

10/1/2015: Please get Signers to the Appeal below asap   APPEAL FOR TREATMENT OF HEPATITIS C FOR MUMIA ABU-JAMAL & 10,000 OTHER PENNSYLVANIA PRISONERS Please share the appeal below with people who work in the health care field. We are turning this into a Petition and also sending to PA State Officials. Sign on to the […]


Resolution to Save the Life of Mumia Abu-Jamal

by September 17, 2015

**Please reach out to unions & progressive groups to pass similar resolutions. Post this to social media & listserves. Send resolutions to Teresa Gutierrez  TeresaTejana1@gmail.com . New York Chapter of the May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights Resolution to Save the Life of Mumia Abu-Jamal from ”Medical Neglect” Submitted September 14, 2015  Whereas Mumia Abu-Jamal,  an […]


Black Lives Matter to Labor

by August 9, 2015

Placards for use in demos: (Click on pic, print jpeg & enlarge on copy machine OR convert to pdf first.) Also see National Stolen Lives.