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Stand Against Racism & War

by November 26, 2015

Don’t use Paris as pretext for racism & war PPA statement – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Stand with Minneapolis & Chicago against white supremacy NYC /  Philly / Balt / Also FergusonResponse


Don’t use Paris as a pretext for racism & war!


November 14, 2015 Nov. 14 — Just counting recent catastrophes, the Peoples Power Assemblies mourn the tragic loss of 30 people killed by U.S. airstrikes on a charity hospital in Afghanistan; the 224 passengers and crew lost on a Russian plane that exploded over Egypt; the 102 lives cut short by an attack on a Peace […]


Support the Fort Dix Five

by November 10, 2015

May 2016: Read below for details & background of the FD5 Case: We are presently waiting for the judge’s ruling but planning next steps.   DON’T MISS THE SCREENING of (T)ERROR: May 14, 2016, 7pm Winner of a 2015 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize,(T)ERROR is the first documentary to place filmmakers on the groundduring […]


Stop Selling Jailhouse Coffee!

by November 4, 2015

Click Pic to Enlarge Jailhouse Coffee, a company based in Queens, makes fun of incarceration and solitary confinement selling coffees called Solitary Sumatra and Chain Gang Espresso. We have recently started a campaign against the company demanding a name change. We’ve already gotten significant media coverage and thanks to the pressure, two retailers have already […]



by October 13, 2015

Resources from Baltimore  PPA: “Know Your Rights, Cop Watch Campaign”