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by October 23, 2017

***Solidarity with St. Louis Freedom Fighters / Oct 23, NYC: Call-in Monday for Columbia students under attack for protesting white supremacy  / Support for Durham “statue topplers” under attack / Phila:  Oct 22: Abolition Weekend  / Mumia Update: Judge backpedals on evidence, Dec Teach-In & Mass March /  NYC: Oct 25: Peoples MTA: Make Subways accessible /  Baltimore: Sink the […]


Sept 21,2017

by September 22, 2017

National Week of Protest Against War & Racism at Home & Abroad (Oct 2-8,2017): LA / NYC / Full National Listing /  **Solidarity with St. Louis Freedom Fighters / Support for Durham “statue topplers” under attack / Detroit: Plan for People’s Summit during World Conference of Mayors / Mumia: Judge backpedals on getting evidence /  Support DACA Protests / […]



by September 3, 2017

*Do It Like Durham: NYC; Detroit; Durham Solidarity Day –Support Takiyah Thompson, Durham Confederate statue freedom fighter / Balt: Car Caravan & Send Off for Durham / Phila: Forum: Defend anti-white supremacy fighters  /  Detroit: Save Detroit Homes actions / Balt: “Sink the Link”  Peoples Union for Riders /   **Sept 9, 2017: Brooklyn March against Gentrification, Racism […]


Sept 2017

by August 26, 2017

**ACT NOW:  Support Takiyah Thompson, Durham Confederate statue freedom fighter; also National Call-In Day to DEMAND HALT TO WITCH HUNT against activists protesting white supremacy. -Los Angeles: Spread the word on Rebecka Jackson’s federal lawsuit: Stop police brutality / Detroit: Save Detroit Homes actions / NYC: No Platform for Fascism & Self-Defense Training /   Solidarity with Labor Day […]


August 2017

by July 28, 2017

**URGENT: Support Takiyah Thompson, freedom fighter that climbed the Confederate statue – Detroit: Solidarity with Anti-Fascist Protesters / Charlottesville, VA: DEFEND: Aug 12, 9am / NYCWDC: The Subway Belongs to the People! / SouthernWorkerAssembly Summer 2017 Newsletter / Raleigh, NC:6th Triangle People’s Assembly / Brooklyn: Plan, Build for Sept March Against Gentrification, Racism & Police Violence / […]