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Philadelphia Fightback

by April 10, 2015

April 3, 2019: Fund CCP, Settle the Contracts! FB Event April 27, 2019 March for Mumia FB Event Stop the Cover-up     of the Frame-up FREE MUMIA! TAKE ACTION NOW! Feb, March, April 2019: Call/text Every Tues –ALL OUT FOR FEB 23, 2019 US Hands Off Venezuela! FB Event. –Jan 29, 2019 Free Mumia […]


Mumia Update

by April 6, 2015

-See Mobilization4MumiaFB, BringMumiaHome.com,  &/or FaceBook for most updated info. Also See YouTube Update from May 2015 (please share this video). Also iacenter.org. Background And what you can do: “Who Is Mumia“ “Brick by brick, Wall by wall, We’re going to free Mumia Abu-Jamal” **FLASH: April 25, 2019:  Press conference celebrates new legal opportunities for Mumia. Read more. April 27, 2019 March […]


Support Disabled Liberation

by March 12, 2015

Support Disabled Liberation 212-633-6646 May 21, 2019: PACK the court! Lawsuit Mandating Elevators in the Subway FB Event Be sure to scroll down to read background and specifics July 14, 2019: Disability Pride Parade Info April 17, 2019: MTA Fare Hike? Not Without Accessibility! FaceBook Event PROTEST WEDNESDAY AM BEFORE MTA BOARD MEETING —March 27, […]


Letter to San Francisco Mayor


Please ACT NOW! See Below. People with disabilities tell court: Health care, not police killings A case before U.S. Supreme Court seeking police exemption from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has critical importance for all those seeking to stop unwarranted police killings. This case involves police shootings of people with mental illnesses. Your intervention […]



by March 11, 2015

***Stop the Medical Execution of Mumia: ACT NOW! ***See a listing of MumiaMustLive actions around the country at PPA-FB & especially FergusonResponseNetwork. (There are also actions internationally: a Paris street is even named after Mumia!) Please also see: “Why Mumia is a hero to young people.” **Report from exciting & inspiring April 2, 2015 Peoples Tribunal. Youtube. (Click photo […]