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by June 19, 2015

–July 4, 2015: NYC Action: Whose Independence? FB Event. Stand with Charleston, Stop the War on Black America – For actions around the country, see FergusonResponseNetwork –The atrocity in Charleston: ‘Let this trauma drive the struggle for Black Liberation’ –Zero tolerance for racism


6/6: Regional Peoples Assembly & Tribunal – #BaltimoreUprising Next Steps

by June 2, 2015

Uprising in Baltimore – Where do we go from here? Join us for a Regional Peoples Assembly & Tribunal STOP POLICE TERROR & RACISM – JOBS & LIVABLE WAGES Saturday, June 6, 2 P.M. to 7 P.M. @ New Unity Church, 100 W. Franklin Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 Come out & speak out – Testify […]


SIGN to Drop All Charges on Shalana Little, Xaime Casillas and All Los Angeles Police Brutality Protesters

by May 18, 2015

Shalana Little’s arrest for “Lynching” is an outrage. She stands trial in June – Take action now! SIGN the ONLINE PETITION HERE November 26, 2014, Mass protest in Los Angeles in response to no indictment verdict of police officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown On December 19, 2014, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested […]


Eyewitness Baltimore: Liberators, not looters

by May 11, 2015

Lamont Lilly, April 28, 2015 Baltimore, April 27 — We could smell the teargas a mile away. Thick clouds of burning smoke spread citywide. The police, the tanks, the helicopters, all present and fully armored. From the moment I stepped off the train, I could feel resistance in the air. At approximately 5 p.m., it […]


Stand with Baltimore, NOW!


Still Urgent: Mumia Update / Analysis: Connecting the LWW & BLM movements / Police use new tactic to divide BLM movement / Report from April 2 Peoples Tribunal; Youtube / Detroit: Unite the Fight against Tax Foreclosures & Water Shutoffs! / LA:  Sign the Petition, Take action: Drop All Charges on Police Brutality Protesters /  Material Basis of BLM Movement ***FLASH: Organizer’s […]